Saturday 1 May 2010

Syd Walker: A warning to the Australian Labor Party

Long-time Kuranda environmental activist and writer Syd Walker, escapes from the shadows with his view about the fate of Australian politics.

The likely humiliation of the Labour Party at the forthcoming British election should serve as a warning to the ALP in Australia's forthcoming Federal election.

Australia's 'Labor' party also:

  • - supports blatant US imperialism, - right or wrong
    - keeps Australia engaged in illegal overseas wars
    - toadies for the segregationist, nuclear-armed State Israel on practically every conceivable occasion
    - supports yet more illegal wars against nations nominated as enemies by Zionist supremacists
    - fails to investigate the obvious falsehoods used to justify recent wars, most notably the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq
    - slavishly follows the prompts of media magnates and behind the scenes elite interest groups
    - boosts the powers of our ever-expanding police state apparatus
    - fails to take serious action on crucial environmental issues (including - but not limited to - climate change)
    - promotes a censorious, intolerant 'holier-than-thou' culture of hypocritical moral prudery and conformism...

I could go on, but my point, I trust, is made.

Why should any genuine progressive vote for a Party that has sunk so low? Why should it even get our second or third preference?

Is the argument that the Tories might be even worse Labor's only pitch to those of us who care about building a fair, free, peaceful and sustainable planet earth?

According to the mass media narrative, the Rudd Government is now clearing the decks for an election, dropping unpopular polices (to date, that means junking polices on which it has failed to show any real commitment or leadership, such as climate change amelioration).

Here's my challenge to Labor. It should help establish whether or not my dark suspicions are accurate. Is the ALP merely a cipher for a behind-the-scenes cabal? I believe so – but I'd very much like to be proven wrong.

If Federal Labor is truly keen to drop vote-losing polices, how about ditching plans to censor Australians access to the internet?

The free internet is the one means Australians have of obtaining accurate, up-to-date information about the world, given the biased and corrupted state of the western mass media. The great majority of net users don't want censorship. Why is the Government foisting this on a reluctant public?

Censoring the Internet may well lose the Government a few percentage points at the coming election. To my knowledge, no opinion polls have shown majority support for this unprecedented intrusion into the online lives of Australians.

No-one - except for spooks and ex-spooks, the companies that make internet censorship technology and a handful of incoherent political operatives such as Stephen Conroy – seems to speak out strongly in support of this outrageous policy.

So why not junk it Mr Rudd? And hey - why not speak out against it Mr Turnour?

In the latter case, we probably know the answer already. Jim does what HQ tell him to do. No more, no less.

So what gives Mr Rudd? How about ditching this divisive and unpopular policy - at least for another three years? Have those who truly make policy in this country foisted this lousy plan on you as (yet another) condition for their 'support'?

If so, why should the electorate give you another term in office to deliver outcomes specified, not by us, but by partisan control-freaks and war-mongers?


Rod Edwards said...

I get the feeling that voting for this fellow would be the classic case of falling out of the frying pan & into the fire.Environmental extremists spattered throughout the Labor Party have a strangle hold enough already on our ways of life using false information & guilt trips.........this guy scares me.
Rod Edwards

Syd Walker said...

Just for the record:

I have no plans to run for election this year.

The photo selected by Michael to accompany this article dates from the 2008 Local Council elections.

My article was first submitted as a comment to another recent article on CairnsBlog - not as a standalone piece (had that been the case I'd have checked it more carefully for typos)

I am, as always, grateful to CairnsBlog for courageously providing an outlet for views that certtainly merit an airing - but are never, ever heard through this country's heavily controlled maninstream media.

Despite those caveats, it occurs to me thst Rod Edwards might be better off sticking to children's TV.

On no account should he refer to material such as this such as this, which make a powerful case that we've all been led up the 'War on Terror' garden path by our mass media (and for the last nine years, with a brazenness that would have shocked George Orwell himself.

That might really upset him.

Leuco Gaster said...

Poor Syd is obviously yet another anti-semitic conspiracy theorist. He needs to be reminded that opinions are like arseholes - everybody has one. What makes your opinion worthy of attention, Syd?

Jim is gone said...

It is unfair to malign jim turnour.
He does not always do what HQ
tells him to do .
When he was asked to stand down at the next election.



Thornton On Spence said...

It is even scarier to think that he walks amongst us. I would hate to think what is on his currently uncensored Computer.

Ten more years for said...

Syd, i really think your ideas would be very popular down south .... so please get the fck out of Cairns !

ayotollah dollar said...

I would vote for syd if I LIVED IN THE WEST BANK.

Syd Walker said...

Rather than wasting time responding to content-free sneers - I'd rather make my pitch to the 'silent majority'.

You are the folk who have read thus far, perhaps with some interest and concern, but prefer 'not to get involved' in such a controversial topic.

Your silence amounts to consent. It allows the most appalling lies to proliferate.

If we allow lies - very big lies - to go unchecked in this way, we threaten the entire basis of modern civilization: respect for the truth.

Please, stop skirting over references such as this, pretending they can be ignored for the sake of your career, family, 'reputation', pension etc etc.

Your silence allows murderers to go free and creates an atmosphere condusive to authoritarianism and even more illegal - and potentially disastrous - wars.

To be blunt, there's nothing hard in seeing that the official account of 9-11 is bogus. An intelligent teenager can figure it out in a few hours, given access to a free internet. Many have done so.

What is much harder to explain is how such a collosal hoax could possibly have been perpetrated throughout the whole western world, with barely an audible mutter in the mass media.

In part, it's the old story of the Emperor's Clothes. Most people are quite conformist and recoil in horror at the idea of attracting the type of hate-laden, defamatory abuse, such as this little article of mine has already copped.

A brief personal anecdote...

A few months after 9-11, I had the opportunity to chat with a journalist friend. I shared my deep concerns about the official version of events surrounding that fateful day. Even then, the Bush Administration's narrative seemed riddled with absurdites and blatant impossibilities.

After listening with some interest and asking pertinent questions, my friend fell silent. I asked if he/she would look into the anomalies in the official version of 9-11 for themself.

"What's it got to do with me?" was the converation-stopping response.

Now this journalist was, in my opinion, one of the smarter and more fair-minded members of that almost completely disgraced profession (which, if legend is to be believed, was once intent on ferreting out the most important stories of the times and fearlessly bringing the truth to a grateful public).

A similar complacency and desire to conform pervades our universities and other public institutions. Sadly it prevades our Parliaments as well.

Lack of interest in the truth may seem a 'safe' course, but that path ultimately leads to collective disaster.

Only one senior Australian politician has had the guts, so far, to sign the Political Leaders for 9-11 Truth petition.

This is his statement: "Unless US and allied (including Australian) leaders move to demand independent investigation of the 9/11 catastrophe the military sequels in Iraq and Afghanistan must be widely seen as war crimes falsely labeled as a war on terror."

Who said that? Doug Everingham, that's who.

Who the hell is he?

Doug Everingham was the guy who was Minister when the Whitlam Government first created a comprehensive national public health system for Australia, that's who.

Everingham was midwife to what has become the most popular long-term reform in Australian history.

He's a elder statesman of real accomplishment, not like the flakey opportunists who seem to rule the roost these days.

Leuco Gaster said...

I'm glad you're not running for Federal Parliament, Syd - that would be a waste of money.
No, seriously, mate - you wouldn't win.
But, golly gosh, our "content-free sneers" seem to have stirred the possum.
So, the truth about 9/11 is being suppressed, is it? And the ALP is merely a cipher for a behind-the-scenes cabal?
And you discovered these things by surfing the net! Amazing.
Please keep it up, Syd, I'm sure the masses will eventually see the light of day.

Paul said...

Sorry Leuco, but criticizing the murderous, nuclear armed nation of Israel is not anti-semtitsm, especially since so few Jews are actually semites, as you well know.