Monday, 29 October 2007

This week's Caption contest

Here's a pic from The Cairns Post with Ian Crossland, John McKenzie from 846AM, and Jim Turnour at the industrial relations political debate forum that Stuart Traill organised last week.

Charlie McKillop didn't attend, hence the empty chair. Nice one Stu.

Therefore, I thought readers would enjoy having some fun with this band of local minor celebs. As always, please keep the comments clean. Points for being clever and funny. Anything too below the belt will be removed.

  1. "I reckon Work Choices are really under-rated Jim, just like your speech writer"
  2. "Jim and Ian, I think you should job share come 24th November"
  3. "John, who ya gunna vote for? Kevin's not standing remember!"
  4. "At least with Charlie absent, her her mobile phone didn't go off!"
  5. "This is really beyond me, I mean we get more listeners on 846, and I can cut them off."
  6. ....your turn.....


Bryan Law said...

4 weeks to go before John Howard's chair is as empty as Charlies.

Doug O'bighole said...

...Ian: "I kick arse and...oops.. I fart, too"

Anonymous said...

Pondering John McKenzie: hope my wig is on straight for the cameras!
Musing Ian: I am not a dumb blond I have a brain too.
Reading Jim: there are so many big egos in this room, I can't concentrate and I have an election to win.

Mark said...

How interesting to see Stuart Traills promotion of an open forum as part of the democratic process. Stuey was one of the unelected union representatives who determined to close the council amalgamation transition committee meetings to public scrutiny. What a champion of democracy!

Anonymous said...

John " How the hell did I get stuck with this pair? "

DJ Bob said...

John: 'It's twenty past the hour and we'll take some calls now.....what do you mean... nobody's listening... this is worse than community radio..."

JJ said...

Stuart Traill was part of a committee that decided to close the forums to the public.
It wasnt his decision alone and it included both sides of the political divide. Ive worked with Stuart for years and believe me he is no radical as the coalition would have you believe. He is a determined person that wears his heart on his sleeve and gives countless hours of his own time to help others including surf life saving. If you want to have a go at him fine but you are clutching at straws on this one.

Mark said...

JJ mate, i'm sorry but you are WRONG the decision did NOT include both sides of the political divide. The minutes are publicly available and I have also saved a copy of the unconfirmed initial minutes which were subsequently altered and are now no longer available.

The decision to exclude public scrutiinity was divided Douglas v Cairns and was then ENTIRELY supported and made possible by a union block vote including champion of democracy Stuey Traill.

So please do not lie and misrepresent. What are you pretending that Stuey is now also a Howard fiscal conservative? I have subsequently submitted a complaint to the Qld Ombudsman as its not clear that Stuey was ever actually entitled to be at the meeting or vote anyway and wa subsequently belatedly replaced by the QCU?

How appalling and hypocritical is it that the initial unconfirmed minutes show that Stuey voted as a proxy in a training capacity? What, are processes so critical to our community there to provide political training for union hacks?

Its great that he supports surf lifesaving but that is an irrelevant diversion. HE HAS PROVEN HIMSELF TO BE AN ANT-DEMOCRATIC HYPOCRITIC!

JJ said...

The unions you refer to as so anti democracy do have a major interest in any council amalgamations as plenty of the staff are members. If you dont believe they have the right to be there for these members your entitled to that opinion, but i disagree.
I can promise you Stuey is not a Howard anything mate....
Why you decided to turn a caption contest into an attack on Stuey in particular is another question. At least all candidates were invited and you could have gone along and asked questions. Dont panic anyway, cause in 3 weeks you'll get a say on something election day. Try not to bust a valve until then. For the record i couldn't give a rats either way in the amalgamations, as long as the employees are looked after and we ratepayers are too.