Tuesday 16 June 2009

Caught with their briefs down

This morning a Sheridan Street courtroom will again ring to the tune of our poor old fallen Yacht Club building, demolished after 100 years by the Labor party, just a few short months ago.
It was sanctioned by Cairns MP, Desley Boyle.

The Queensland Police have been busy lately. Spending your money. And it's all at Desley Boyle's direction. Kinda.

Yesterday afternoon, Bryan Law was given a 37-page 'Brief of Evidence', containing seven witness statements, two search warrants, along with a Police evidence bag containing a 1972 VHS video tape; 3 CDs; and three eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was, to be used as evidence against him.

You can download a brief copy of the Brief here.

This was promised for the 19th June, however was available only one day prior to his Court appearance at the Cairns Magistrates Court.

Bryan inspects the Police evidence, and an object called a "VHS", and wonders what ancient wondrous device it is used for.

The “victim” is named as the Australian Labor Party. It’s all about Desley Boyle’s electoral signs, but, evidently Desley has nothing to do with this.

Apart from the fact, that the signs were sent and invoiced to a person by the name of Desley Boyle MP.

Apart from the fact that all the signs were stored in Desley’s office.

Apart from the fact that Desley’s electoral assistant, Jamie Townsend, an employee of the Queensland Parliament, has been running errands for Ms Boyle to the Police. Desley Boyle has nothing at all to do with it. Evidently.

When questioned on the 12th March, MP for Cairns Desley Boyle she was happy for her signs to be used in this way. Desley told Channel 7 journalist Scott Forbes, she was happy for Bryan Law to use her signs.

Desley said she would not be taking any action.

Unusual in a Police investigation, the charges were laid first (on 20th April), then witnesses were identified, interviewed, and statements taken. Bryan Law was never interviewed.

“This is unfortunate,” Bryan says. “If they had interviewed me, I would have said to look up CairnsBlog articles from 11th and 12th March 2009 which provide photographic proof and a detailed account of what I did and why.”

Of course these articles also provide evidence of Desley’s permission and blessing to alter her signs and would make the Prosecution unnecessary.

The Police 'Brief of Evidence' identifies the 'Victim' as the Australian Labor Party.

As it turns out, the Police failed to identify and interview Desley Boyle, owner of the signs; along with Channel 7’s Scott Forbes, CairnsBlog’s Michael Moore, both of whom were eye witnesses to Mr Law’s actions, along with the politics of why he did it.

Those of you lucky enough not to spend time in the criminal justice system, may not know it but, it’s an important principle of public prosecution, that any exculpatory evidence in the possession of Police, must be given to the court as part of the prosecution process.

The printing account for Desley's elections signs.

It shows that Desley ordered them, and that there were delivered to her office, not the Labor Party.

The procedures adopted by the Police in this case, made sure that this evidence was not collected.

“I have never before been charged without first being interviewed,” Bryan Law told CairnsBlog.

In a total coincidence, the charge against Bryan was laid on the very day he sent a letter to Desley Boyle congratulating her on winning the election.

“It just cannot be possible that Police are responding to political pressure in this case,” Bryan says.

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* NB: Some photographs courtesy of Police Brief of Evidence


Jude Johnston said...

Ha Ha, maybe another case of "blind justice"
Where is the VW microbus going to be parked.

Al said...

With a horror budget about to be brought down, and a particularly horrific murder in Freshwater still unsolved, one would have thought that Police and the Justice system would be utilising their meagre resourses a little more effectively. It seems that dear old Deslie cannot resist indulging in such political payback after her unexpected win. That's pollies for you.

rd@cb said...

Most politicians have a “self indulgent wanker” component built in, so it is a shame that Bryan missed such a golden opportunity. If only he had used that election sign as a “logo” in a fight to re-name the yacht club, it would be still standing today ....The Desly Boyle Yacht Club.

David A said...

I think Brian's handiwork helped get Desley elected.

Rob Williams said...

Its a vacuum in our Justice System when Desley Boyle and her associates in Cairns Ports are not in Court facing the charge of wilful demolition of a Public Icon, to wit, the 100 year old Cairns Aquatic Club building. The only consolation we all have in this matter is that, irrespective of how much money is spent on the residue of the once loved building, Desley Boyle will carry the name “Demolition Desley” to her grave.

Rob Williams said...

I cant see in the brief where the Labor Party or Desley Boyle had permission to place these signs in a public place?
I do know that if one of us were to put signs up in the street, the Cairns Regional Council would be all over us like fleas on a mangy dog!!!

Syd Walker said...

At least we have a number now for Bryan Outlaw: 2002-101174

Bring back the Stocks. said...

How can a member of the public vent their point of view? What options do you, We have. Bugger all unless a person has conviction to the cause and is willing to deal with the legal Bullshit that will follow. Democracy is built on freedom of speech.
Brian's freedom to speak is his right as a citizen and we need to respect it and when the shit really hits the fan be thankful of his ability to get out and make the point. Make your statement Brian you have the support of the stocks.

Bryan Outlaw said...

Rob Williams, political signs are exempt. As they should be. I don't want "the man" interfering with the electoral process. Like Mackenzie did by taking payments on behalf of Mayor Byrne to be on the radio.

And Bryan Law is a bigger joke everyday. Going to court barefoot shows a basic contempt to his fellow citizenry.

And the "printing invoice" shown shows clearly that they were contracted by the ALP, not Desley Boyle. To say otherwise is absurd, and shows what a cretin Bryan Law is. There is no rule that the police have to speak to the accused. They were obviously saving themselves from small-minded low intellect claptrap and the usual Bryan Law diatribes.