Monday 8 June 2009

Are you paying attention?

Hat Tip: Syd Walker


Bring back the Stocks. said...

We are only human and sex with other worker happens every day. Women today are soo much more uninhibited than ever before. This why we have social morals and codes of ethics to make sure our animal instincts don't interfer with our responsibilities to do what we are at work to do.
I wonder what AB and KH were thinking of? And who they can justify all those long all nite meeting at the rate payers expence.
I hope it was worth it.

Let the Rivers run dry.. said...

It is common knowledge that:
His reputation precedes him.
His womanising condemns him.
His ethics are non extent.
His actions knows no bounds.
His Council duties are a charade.
Who am I writing about? None other than AB! This weasel has ambitions of grandeur of being the next mayor of Greater Cairns!!

As for Kerrie Hull I feel for her predicament. I hope she retains her sanity through all of this and vents her rancour and scorn on those impostures that masquerade as servants of the people.

the cat's vomit said... that all? It's nice to be loved by all.

Bring back the Stocks. said...

A 3 act play with a twist and the twist is yet to come. Better get your tickets because the show has just started. Blakey sleep well you scoundrel. Your days of power and influence are at an end. Adelaide is so nice this time of year
why don't you go home and put your feet up u fast talking sociopath.

the cat's vomit said...

...gets more interesting by the day. I am carry on Bring Back the Stocks ole boy...

Video Ref said...

A 3 Act play is what we read to expect from the ever increasing scandal enveloping the Cairns Regional Council.

I am reminded of the foolish and vain Macbeth.

Shakespeare wrote about Macbeth,"I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but vaulting ambition that overleaps itself and falls on the other"

I am not suggesting that AB is but Macbeth, as AB will be no King, but his vaulting ambition is of similar naivety.

To achieve his aim he is ruthless who he entraps in his web of political mischief and deceit.

His brazen primal behaviour is contemptuous and becoming a point of interest to fellow Councillors and I understand it has come to a point where the CEO will be ask to intervene and counsel and re educate

Thankfully, the Local Government Act was only last week amended giving the Local Government Minister the authority to sack a misbehaving Councillor.

Yes do buy your tickets early for the best is yet to come.

Bring back the Stocks. said...

These clowns have run out of tricks. No need to explain any more just sit back and enjoy the journey. Truth has a way of getting out in time and time will tell let me assure youse all. Wasn't it a fantastic weekend to be alive and not in politics. And so say all of us.!
Bring back the stocks.... Please.

Thrnton On Spence said...

I hear there is a job going at Cronulla Leagues Club where Cr Blake can request to be spanked and can involve himself in "Team Sports" as well as mixing with pretty little young girls in the cheer squad. He might even get the chance to dress up in an animal suit like a Sharkie rather than his Big Dog suit.

Video Ref said...

Oh Thorton on Spence you are so naughty but spot on to make such lurid references to Cr Blake's sexual antics.

Would you think he would need to have a character reference to get the job?

And he would not have to get a new car either or a new bike to ride to work,as public transport is prime.

the cat's vomit said...

...all this dark and murky talk of Shakespearian villains has whetted my ears are pricked..I'm in the mood to listen..have another beer Bring Back the Stocks...

Tony Hillier said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day ... all our yesterdays have lighted fools, but will the sound and fury bring 'em down. Perchance to dream!

Thornton On Blake said...

I have a question. Having seen Cr Blake in the flesh and various photos and established from a number of sources his reputation for womanising............what the hell do they see in this vertically challenged sad old man? I actually have 2 questions.....does he stop telling you how wonderful he is when he is in the height of his passion?

the cat's vomit said...

Thornton, I've been wondering myself, but then women are bloody hard to fathom. He must have a lot of dough and splashes it around. That usually attracts women like blowflies on a hot day.

Bring back the Stocks. said...

Thornton on Blake you have nailed it!
I have seen the snake and wondered how any Woman could find herself betwixt or between in any embrace!
It just goes to show if your cashed up and able to make a maiden laugh your IN. None of this is logical.
I guess if you want some fun you need status,cash and a red MX5.
Bring back the stocks!

nocturnal congress said...

and don't forget the charm, you got to lather that on as thick as a grease pit...

Thornton On Spence said...

I don't think we have nailed it yet. A man with an Ego such as Cr Blake would clearly exhibit his wealth through his choice in Motor Vehicles and no offense to old MX5 owners it is not exactly a car that would inspire young pretty things to want to be seen in it. His other car is certainly no chick magnet therefore we can conclude his "cashed up" status is not as he would want us to believe. In fact I have heard his Divorce as well as his Defacto Relationship that ended in tears cost him. Why would a successful businessman...his words....sell up a successful furniture business to be a Councillor on $100,000 per year. Answer because it pays better than any other job he has been in plus what ever perks and lurks a Snake like Blake could manipulate.
I think the attraction for young pretty things is his past life in TV. "I was in TV you actor in fact" you can see them now telling their friends how they are dating a wealthy, sports car driving actor when in fact he is the man in the suit Big Dog on Adelaide TV with a second hand cheap MX5 and the most he has ever earned was in Council. Any other theories as to what attracts these young things to the Snake?

Video Ref said...

Its amazing really if one stops for a moment and takes stock of the habits and traits of human nature.

Over the aeons humans, notwithstanding the advancement of our intellect, their basic primal instincts and abuses within the cloak of respectability have not changed at all.

Our attire might be different and we might wear trendy spectacles and drive convertibles but strip all that away and what is exposed are traits very similar to the sovereign ruling class that presided over what we now call Europe and it still prevail vis the 'Windsor'. Inspired with power and protections they literally ran amok with impunity.

Shakespeare showed them up for what they were...lascivious, do as I say and not as I do, sovereigns. In most cases their subjects faced with such licentious behaviour protested to the point where they finally got what they deserved.

Here in Cairns we too have to endure the habits of some that have the attributes of those evil sovereigns, the only difference is that the Councillor that is subject of such derision and contempt is consumed with pretence only and never will be in a position to rule.

Nevertheless, like his human templates he too will meet his fate that awaits him. Though short of a public execution his demise is not to distant!

the cat's vomit said...

Arrgh... such bitter rancour, such scornful vitriol and such malevolence...We have a true Shakespearian villain it seems.