Thursday 4 June 2009

A compliment from Mr Mackenzie

I try, when time permits, to tune into talk back. Mother does it religiously, but unlike a certain doctor, mine doesn't reside with me any longer.

Yesterday morning, Barry Neal, the "grandfather who set up Residents Against Crime" telephoned the illustrious John Mackenzie on Radio 4CA 846am, back after a report and investigatory-free holiday, let alone a well-deserved break.

Holidays are good. I even commented to Thomas Chamlerlain (who won't talk about that dingo) from the Cairns Post, on how well he looked yesterday. Well Thomas has also been on holiday. I wonder if we should rummage through his rubbish bins and see if he and Macca ate at the same Pacific Island resort?

Anyway, yesterday Barry called up Mackenzie's radio show and told him all about his new website where you can "rate your polly."

"However, I won't allow anything libelous to be written," Barry said.

Then John Mackenzie burst in and started to give CairnsBlog, his secret night-time read, a serve.

"Yes, unlike that other Cairns Blog thing. I can't believe the things they write, Why they are not all sued out of existence, some of the things that is on there," Mackenzie ranted. "I don't know how they get away with it. I guess no one has got the time to [deal with them]."

High praise from the master of open radio, where he's the recipient of many prestigious investigations and complaints over the years. I mean, there's a thing called the Broadcasting Services Act which provides a framework foundation when you're running a radio show.

Even Cairns Council's CEO Noel Briggs, should take a read of the Act, because yesterday he didn't know the difference between advertising and public service, when he said the commercial arrangement between Council and Radio to be "appropriate, commercial, and in the best interests of Council."

Just recently, while Val was away from the office, Deputy Mayor acted up on John Mackenzie's radio show...

  • John Mackenzie show 846 AM - 08 May 2009 - 10:26 AM
    Station Ph: 07 4042 8000

    "Interview and talkback with Margaret Cochrane, acting mayor, Cairns Regional Council.

    Called Jeanie from Redlynch enquires about the toilets at Ryan Weare Park at Freshwater Creek.

    Cochrane says that the toilets have been damaged again.

    Jeanie says that the toilets are opened and then closed again, and there are still Aboriginals down there.

    Cochrane explained that people at the site had been removed, and pledges to look into it.

    She speaks about the damage done to the toilet block.

    John Mackenzie: "So how much did it cost to fix it up? Was it thousands or tens of thousands?

    Margaret Cochrane: "Oh, tens of thousands."

    JM: "That's disgusting, I mean why do we allow this from those people?"

    MC: "Yeah, I know."

Within a few quick seconds, the connection between damage at a public park and some Aboriginals who visit there, was drawn. In fact the damage at Ryan Weare Park, was by local youth who did extensive damage over a period, where doors were kicked in among other things.

Radio is a powerful medium, and when people come on board to vent their hatred, they need to get their facts in order before they attack a single race, as if it's some cheap game. This includes Councillors and radio jocks.


macca wacker said...

Well said , I heard his love fest with the "founder of flounder" on macca ,the bloke that continually says me me me I,I,I from yorkeys.
I would be flattered by maccas rant as elderly ladies get upset and when two of them get together on the phone , they are prone to outbursts and rash statements.
"retired persons against crime " has a committe ,but you would not know it, as all you hear is from me me me! keep up the good work .You ruffled the feathers of the radio old hen hhhaaa

nocturnal congress said...

Good work Mike. MacKenzie has been roaring away about the "racist" problem in Cairns for DECADES. I repeat, "decades", demanding more police, more prisons, stiffer jail sentences. The same ole same ole same ole, ad nauseum, ad infinitum. Not once, not once has he invited the black street youth of Cairns onto his program and ask them, "Why? What's going on to make you so hostile?? Why do you want to lash out against the whites?"
NOT ONCE has MacKenzie ever admitted that, just as there are bad blacks, so too, there are BAD WHITES.
Despite all the Government monies, and all the Government programs and Racial Discrimination Acts, there are whites in Cairns and district who treat black people with utter contempt. These white bastards are PART of the problem, yet no-one NO-ONE admits it.
The racial violence in Cairns will not end until people open up both eyes.

Anonymous said...

How has MacKenzie got away with years and years of verbal hatred against Aboriginal people, environmental groups or people who don't wear shoes (yes it's that easy to get on his blind side)
I suppose no one has done anything about it !
McKenzie is to radio as Howard was to one's sad to see him gone, except the bigots

Father Garry

macca wacker said...

I think the "rug" should be pulled on this bigot ! He needs to realise the world is made up of people that can and cannot dine at "villa"
He and his rascist stooges planted all over the cairns district ,yorkeys /redlynch and beyond need to be made accountable for their bigoted views expressed daily on his show.
How he is allowed to use his thinly veiled rascist comments daily is beyond belief.
As nocturnal congress quite rightly points out when if ever has he had an aboriginal on air to put their point forward NEVER !
If for one moment thinks the whole of cairns hasn,t noted his "rug" but we are to polite to say you look like "dame edna everidge on a bad hair day" well he/? is kidding him/? self .

nocturnal congress said...

macca wacker, I don't believe some of MacKenzie's callers would think of themselves as racist, probably most of them have never done any black person any harm, HOWEVER they should understand the basics of conflict...that it takes TWO and there are two different sides to this conflict. MacKenzie has only ever presented the white side of the argument.

macca wacker said...

nocturnal we agree on your last point ONLY I have the non privlege of knowing some of his "crew"

Suburb Truthsayer said...

Of course there are good and bad people of all races. However Mackenzie has it dead right when he observes that by far the most crime in Cairns is committed by the Abos. If they'd just stay up on the cape where they live, it would be better for everyone.

Police crime statistics support this observation.

Them's the facts.

Macca's crewmember? said...

Suburb Truthsayer

With such knowledgeable and informed comment could you please direct us to where these police crime statistics can be found?

Unknown said...

poor old rugnut, leave him alone. he actually does us a service: it is good to be reminded what an ugly, ignorant, dishonest, pathetic, small-minded, mean-spirited place our wonderful modern state was in the 50s, 60s and 70s. and so badly dressed, too (has anyone copped the get-up when rugnut appears on Channel 7?). by the by, what's the story with the mass redundancies that are said to be occurring at 4CA?

Blogsplatter said...

Talk back radio. Blogs. Newspapers. They all seem to have their own regular chorus of usual suspects.

nocturnal congress said...

Unda, they're outsourcing to Nuigini?

the cat's vomit said...

McKenzie was at his Prozac fired best, beating the drums of war with "weapons of mass destruction". There was a hysterical catch in his voice as he churned out the spiel about Saddam ready to nuke the Western world back to the omoeba stage.
I pictured him sitting there in pissed pants screaming at some tradies to build him a bunker ..

nocturnal congress said...

The best description I ever heard of rugnut was from a seventy-six year old lady, "He's so narrow-minded, he could look through a keyhole with both eyes...". Perfect, I thought.

Thornton On Spence said...

I wonder what Macca thinks of Mike being in the same studio as him let alone contributing through the Blog Boys on Monday Mornings. Perhaps we should ask Locco if he has heard any Bin Laden like ballistic explosions coming from Maccas Office.

nocturnal congress said...

Better still, get Mike to dress up in a keffiyeh and thobe, duck around a corner and scream out ALLAHA AKHBAR!! when MacKenzie walks past. I reckon MacKenzie would crap himself....

macca wacker said...

I think you are a bit harsh on macca ,he loves mike and his blog ,he respects him and thinks he does the community a great sevice . Excuse me I have to answer the door the easter bunny is there with santa claus !

Factfinder said...

Suburb Truthsayer, I call police statistics 'police propaganda'.

Police statistics are often inherently flawed due to (deliberately?) flawed research methods. Not to mention the whacky geographical borders that are sometimes used to determine crime rates in the Cairns region. Plus, police statistics always seem to show what the police want them to show. But who's to question the figures?

Only a few years ago, the Police (and their star statistician, Sean Cryer - where is he now?) proudly used their statistics to show how they 'cleaned up the CBD' and what a great job they were doing. Only to reverse the outcome when they wanted more resources.

Even a Cairns Post journalist was puzzled by this, but of course this never went to print.

Unfortunately, basically everywhere in the world, the minorities seem to make up the majorities in the prisons etc. This is not a unique problem.

Suburb Truthsayer, if the problem (and solution) was as easy as you describe it, then KB's bus trips and Sgt. Owen Kennedy's cleansing Homelands efforts would have worked. They obviously haven't; no matter how many medals you give the guy.

As usual the effect of the problem was addressed, not the cause.

Not that I have the answer, I wish I did!

But culturally insensitive solutions, no matter how well-meant, are not going to help. Not to mention outright racism or insinuations on the radio.

S. Northy said...

Much as I dislike character assassinations it's good to see McKenzie get a taste of his own medicine back.
He's gone too far with his hate campaigns over the years. The hate campaign he waged against Val was just unprecedented and over the top.

The good bloke said...

Aside from this, a few years back Macca introduced his show with a story that was Macca at his best. And only Macca could have given this story the suspense and shock that it gave. For those who don't know, macca introduces his shows with a story/issue, where he emphasises dramatic moments by having a second or two's pause. I'll try and write this to give the sane effect, but it was probably better heard than read. It went like this; (spread out sentences to indicate pause).

A terrible, terrible thing happened yesterday to a young lady on her way to work, something so terrible it will disgust you to your soul.

She was walking to work, minding her own business, like any other day, except this day she decided to cut across Munro Martin park

She saw some indigineous itinerants there in a group,

under a tree,

except for one of them, just outside the group,

pulled down his pants,


and proceded to deficate,

right there, in full view, in Munro martin park,

it is here where this young lady did something that turned out to be a bad decision,

very bad,

she caught the eye of one of this man,

so this gentleman,

if i can call him that,

returned her eye contact,

put his hand down into his faeces,

picked some up,





...blah blah he went on about how disgusting that was. Absolute classic macca. I wish I had a recording of it.

nocturnal congress said...

McKenzie plays upon peoples worst instincts and continues at it, harping away over and over, like water torture. And yes he uses dramatic effects to fire people up. In a racially sensitive city, he's quite dangerous. I look forward to the day when 4CA sacks this bigoted bald old dinosaur who has his feet mired in the 1950s and replaces him with a more modern open minded radio presenter.

the cat's vomit said...

..and so say all of us, noc old boy.