Friday 19 June 2009

NT News takes on the big floppy issues

Today's Northern Territory is tackling the big issues this morning.

They report that topless female backpackers are distracting workers, and slowing work on waterfront building site.
  • The Waterfront's new safe swimming beach, lagoon, and surrounding grassed area has become the favourite sunbaking spot for "voluptuous, scantily clad" European tourists.

    But the improved scenery is distracting tradies who can't keep their eye on the job.

    One British backpacker told the Northern Territory News more than a dozen workers stood around and perved on her while she was sunbaking topless on Monday.

    Sunbaker Penelope Smith, 19, of Bath, England, said she was lying face down on the grass when she spotted a group of 15 tradies mimicking her by making out they were rubbing sunscreen over themselves. "I got in the water and was so embarrassed," she said.
    "I don't swim in that part anymore."

    "When they have a cigarette break, they all stand around and watch," she said. "It is probably the perfect job and perfect place for it. My friends say it is a compliment - but I am not the type to play it up. But I did look to see if any of them were cute."

Darwin Police say the women could face charges for offensive behaviour if anyone was offended.

The chief of the Darwin Waterfront Corporation says that females going topless is not allowed.

"Whilst we have no issue with topless sunbaking at the lagoon, given it is for the public we would welcome feedback via our website," he said.

The former Cairns City Council approved female topless sunbathing five years ago, so long as they "do not stand up and throw Frisbees and remain on the northern side of the Esplanade Lagoon."

And to finish off the report, the Territory News announces that they will reveal the identity of the nudies photographed standing on a Territory croc trap a couple of months ago.


nocturnal congress said...

Yeah, isn't is bloody amazing how people all profess to be "soooooo broadminded" when it comes to women topless sunbathing. Yeah right. So "broadminded" in fact, that a dear friend of mine, Barb, got told to leave a Gold Coast beach when she took her top off.
Oh, yes, all the "broad minds" there couldn't quite cope with Barb's mastectomy. Wonder what would happen down here at the Cairns Lagoon? I dare say she would find out fast enough just how "broad minded" people are.

The Headless Horseman said...

I agree with Nocturnal Congress about the lack of broadmindednes. Sheesh...what's wrong with frisbees.

Monty of Mooroobool said...

It's just another Murdoch rag. I saw a great sticker spotted on a car the other day saying "Is it true or did you read it in the Courier Mail?"

I'm sure that comment also applies to this "news"paper (as well as our local Compost).

Bert Wills said...

Asked my daughter if girls were getting bigger breasts earlier or if I was just another dirty old man. Came to the conclusion that its a bit of both. Yes I agree, when it comes to womens tops and clothing on the beach there should be less of it.

the cat's vomit said...

nocturnal congress, mate, if your friend Barb wanted to go topless here, I reckon there would be a mass exodus of people from the Cairns lagoon, people phoning up rugnut complaining left, right and centre, and probably your friend Barb would be arrested for "indecent exposure in a public place." I reckon she would be arrested within five minutes.

Noj Nedlaw said...


I note that today the NT News had a follow up story.

DARWIN'S tradies have returned fire in the great Watergape scandal, accusing topless European backpackers of deliberately playing up to grab their attention.

See the article here

Matt Heirink said...

Yeah but the NT News has gone and published the same photo again, thus missing an opportunity to get new bikini babe shots in the paper. Of course the Cairns Post is the leader in that department, and today uses a silly story about our current mild weather as an excuse to get a shot of two bikini babes in the paper.