Thursday 25 June 2009

Will the real Jim Turnour stand up

The Chaser's War on Everything, or the Waste of Taxpayer's Money, as they called it, is back on the telly.

Jim Turnour, our local Federal MP even made a guest appearance. What was he saying?


Vanessa said...

Well, whatever he was saying, it has Noddy's seal of approval!

m said...

So which one is Jim Turnour?

Is he the happy chappy on the left, or the guy on the right?

Bryan Law said...

If Noddy stood for election he'd piss it in. Lots of people like him, and he listens to his Mum. Jim Turnour (on the right)is a waste of space.

colinwhodares said...

I told jim "I,m for everything you are" that he will be a memory after the next election , does anyone have noddies number ?we proved last election anyone can win !

macca attack said...

Poor Dim Jim ,Him Thin on everythin.

Veritas said...

Poor old Jim, we all should have pity on him. He is not up to it. The lights are on but there is no one at home!

Having heard him on ABC News Radio parliamentary broadcast asking a Dorothy Dixer of a Minister was painful enough. He could not even read the question without stumbling. Admittedly it was written out for him.

His colleagues are disillusioned with his performance including his Socialist Left comrades.

In discussion with him, he makes it clear that he is Camberra's man in Cairns.

He is as effective 'as tits on a bull' When it comes to representing his electorate in Camberra he is a whimp

No wonder the Leichardt economy is in deep recession and is fairing badly when compared to the rest of Australia.

Internal Labor Party polling indicate that Jim is as good as gone whenever the next election is called. The party is considering revoking his automatic endorsement for the next election!

Interested to read what other blog observers assessment are!

colin riddell said...

After jim turncoats silence after the decision by anna lie to sell off this states assets ,I rang jim , he told me he will not bag his state colleages.
Even though I reminded him it was not labor policy to privatise.
I also reminded him ,we elected him to speak on our behalf , not to give us his view of the world.
I along with other staunch labor people have decided he can no longer have our support .
So look out jim and the four useless state labor members that voted to sell the states assets here in cairns , you did not have a mandate to do that ! enjoy your last term !

Veritas said...

Welcome news Colin. I hope for the sake of the kids of Cairns and region that there is a quantum shit in public opinion and that it be directed at the local Labor politicians.

If for nothing else it is healthy for a vibrant democracy that change is had.

What did I say about Jim Turncoat ability to work for the electors of Leichhardt?

N.Q.E.A. after premature fanfare in announcing the prospect of Navy contracts has missed out in getting the contract after all.

Not a public word from Jim 'wimp' Turncoat.

colin riddell said...

I think N.Q.E.A. had problems with finance or backers , but all stops should have been pulled out to stop it going south , even though I was a victorian.
What these fools be it liberal or labor must realise is they are answerable to the electorate NOT their party , we work hard to elect them ! NOT canberra , all elected reps must think about it . It is fine to strut around in canberra , but you have to come back here and face people you shaft !

I am going to support independants , not a party goose ,I have had enough !

Anonymous said...
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