Friday 12 June 2009

Make a Reasonable Wish Foundation

They say that no publicity is bad publicity, and it shows when the moral outrage department kicks into full swing following a Chaser's War With Everything sketch, called the Make A Reasonable Wish Foundation, which made fun of the last wishes of dying children.

ABC's head of comedy was stepped down and the show suspended for two weeks. What? Give them two weeks off work, now that's a reasonable wish.

Though many will not agree with me, through history humour has been used to cope with the taboo subject of mortality. I've got a rather robust sense of humour, but the good ol ABC seems like it will disallow anything that causes anyone any offence.

Last Wednesday's show went too far, the ABC say.

"In making the wrong judgment call we have let down our audience and the wider community," ABC managing director Mark Scott said. "We need to fully review the ABC's approval processes for programs that deliberately challenge public attitudes."

The boys issued an apology. TEN came out in predicable style as did Nine ACA, and slammed the sketch. Even PM Rudd said they should hang their heads in shame. Maybe Kevin should have a look at what his State Labour government has done to the once beloved Cairns waterfront and the disgusting mess at False Cape, they're responsible for.

When Nicky and Kaj came over for dinner the other night, we couldn't find it online. It seems they have a great sense of humour as well (they must do if they let me cook for them!).

For those that missed it, here tis...


Vanessa said...

It's yet another media beat up for a country that's far too comfortable with using "children" as an excuse for any outrage.

Great Firewall Reef of Australia anyone?

JKR said...

Well the sketch did go too far, but it serves a purpose, and perhaps a service. You dont really know what "too far" is until someone takes you there.