Sunday 7 June 2009

Social networking wrap

Mashable gives a wrap up of the top social media stories of the week...
  1. Could Google Wave Redefine Email and Web Communication? - Google announced Google Wave this week during the Google I/O conference. Is it the next step in web communication?
  2. HOW TO: Create Custom Twitter Backgrounds - I explain why you should create a personalized backdrop and go step-by-step with the information, tools, and inspiration you’ll need to make a killer background.
  3. Google Wave: A Complete Guide - This in-depth guide covers the basics of Google Wave, the terminology associated with it, and more on Google’s newest product.
  4. Bing: Microsoft Launching New Rival to Google? - We started getting word this week that Microsoft was launching a completely new search engine. Sure enough, Microsoft did not disappoint.
  5. Susan Boyle: Final Performance - This week has been filled with the social media phenomenon Susan Boyle. Will she fade away or will the web take her to stardom?

  6. 85 Comedians to Follow on Twitter - Cameron Chapman highlights dozens of amazing comedians to bring a little laugher into your Twitter feed.

  7. Twitter to Facebook: 5 Ways to Post to Both - Jennifer Van Grove explains in detail the many ways and tools available for posting updates to both Facebook and Twitter.

  8. Top 20 YouTube and Video Memes of All Time - Both the web and world culture have been impacted by viral videos. Learn about some of the most memorable videos to ever hit the web.

  9. Juste Twitter Scam - Facebook and Twitter were hit yet again with phishing scams this week. While Twitter was dealing with Juste (dot) ru, Facebook had its hands full with the Goldbase (dot) be scam.

  10. Is Social Media Making Corporate Websites Irrelevant? - Adam Ostrow explores the possibility that social media is replacing aspects of the company website, using Kobe Bryant and Vitamin Water as an example.

  11. 10 Ways to Share Music on Twitter - Josh Catone goes in-depth with ten unique tools that help share your favorite tunes via Twitter.

  12. Our Users Upload More Video Than YouTube Users - While YouTube claims that more than 20 hours of video per minute, touts 22 hours of video created every 60 seconds. Adam Ostrow dives into the numbers.

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