Monday 15 June 2009

Another week from Hull

This week, our Interim CEO, Peter Tabulo, will carry out the work that Noel Briggs failed to do: clean up the destructive Cairns Regional Council media unit.

Firstly, he'll no doubt terminate the employment of Kerie Hull, Manager Corporate Communications. Expect to see an announcement mid-week.

Kerie's part in the Cash for Comments scandal was not as crook as Briggs, which is why he was booted out of the Big Oh Brother house last week. Nevertheless, Kerie Hull knowingly and willingly played along with the full knowledge and support of CEO Noel Briggs, and Councillors Sno Bonneau and also Alan Blake, whom was seen playing golf over the weekend with Ms Hull.

Even conservative Councillor Paul Gregory, has provided a rural shoulder for Kerie Hull in her time of need. She sure will need some support, but Kerie needs to move on now and let this Council's relationship with the community have open heart surgery.

One of the reasons why Briggs may have left, in advance of dismissing Hull, as he promised to do at that now notorious press conference, it saved the embarrassment of Kerie Hull airing her dirty laundry in public about him. It's clear now, in her looking for someone to blame for her own demise, she will take aim at the Mayor.

Hull will try to cite an infamous email that was concocted to show she informed the Mayor of the financial arrangement with 4CA, yet Jim Henry QC's investigation showed that the Mayor was not even in town at the time.

This is clearly one of the major reasons why the reputation of the Mayor, her Councillors and the Council as a whole, is at the lowest point since last year's March 15th election. Including Sonja Anderson, they have failed to proactively work with local media to build the loyalty and reputation of Council decisions in the mind of the public. Spin doctors spinning the wrong way, or just out of control.

I doubt that ABC Far North radio would take Hull her back, if the last few month's are any reflection of her professionalism.

Kerie Hull was interviewed and appointed by Noel Briggs, last September. She's lasted a mere seven months before her involvement in a discrediting campaign was exposed here on CairnsBlog.

The initial email that I came across written on 10th April, implicated Hull, along with Councillor Blake, for their part in trying to discredit the Mayor. Eight weeks on, the tables have turned 180 degrees, with the spotlight firmly on the culprits.

Briggs had to go. Hull will have to go. Councillor Alan Blake should loose his Finance chair role, and be investigated by the Minister of Local Government, after breaches of the Staff/Councillor Interaction policy that I exposed showing serious conflicts of interests. Nothing was done by the previous CEO, other than protect them.

Councillor Sno Bonneau and Deputy Mayor Margaret Cocharane should also be outed for their involvement.

On Friday afternoon, Noel popped back into the office to collect his pencil case and return the kitchen knife. He asked the acting CEO for a walk around the building to say goodbye to all the staff.

"Sorry Noel, I don't think that's appropriate," Peter Tabulo said.

Talk to folk on the 3rd floor of Council now, and you'll find that a weight has been lifted off the shoulders from many.

"The air is clearer," one told to me on Friday evening. "It's like we can start to function better as a team now."


Hull Hath No Fury said...

Which Golf Course were the "Friends" Blake and Hull seen playing on? Any Golf Club that will let them on does not deserve my Membership.

Roberto Tomato said...

Another story that sounds mostly fabricated, Mr. Moore. Especially when you put statements in "quotations", when no such conversation ever occurred.

Apparently you've already been told by Val that there is no possiblity you'll ever get your "dream job" at Council. We know you were bitter when Kerrie Hull got the job, but you pulled her down. And now that Val has snubbed you again, we see you're pulling her down now, too.

Cairns Blog is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Syd Walker said...

Mr Tomato is correct to point out the seditious intent of CairnsBlog. But he understates Michael Moore's long-term ambition.

Mike's true goal is to destroy the credibility of all local governance in FNQ, so he's eventually appointed Administrator with dictatorial powers, rather like a Roman Governor.

When he gets supreme power, he'll undoubtedly be after you, Roberto. A lot of trolls might consider leaving the region now, while the roads are still open.

the cat's vomit said...

Ooooh, spiteful and vindictive Mr Tomato. What? Does Mike ruffle your fur? Nice to see your wit doesn't borrow its charm from slander.

Thornton's Peak said...


will mike be wearing a toga?

Noj Nedlaw said...

After all the budget pre-leaks, I kinda dread what will be in the Qld budget tomorrow. I gather that Local Government will be in the spotlight for budget cuts.

Without the $$$ from Brisbane flowing, what cuts will CRC need to make - or more likely - what level will the rates go up by?

Ironically, the position occupied by Ms Hull make have to go in a leaner (and meaner) CRC bureaucracy. Will anyone notice?

The Headless Horseman said...

Mike's investigative reporting has been brilliant. While his mixture of reporting and opinion can be blurred - and he should be concerned about this if he is to be a big media player - discerning readers are able to tell the difference. Let's face it, Michael Moore is the Michael Moore of North Queensland.
How did Mike get those emails? How did he get the photos? Obviously, he has good sources who are not prepared to go to other media.
Mike did not bring down the CEO. Nor did he bring down Kerie Hull. They brought themselves down by their own actions. Mike brought their behaviour to light so that the public knew what was going on.
Even with the new laws, it is harder to get rid of corrupt elected officials than it is to get rid of staff.
I hope at least that Mike's significant contribution to the Cash-for-Comment debate will encourage the elected councillors like Alan Blake, Margaret Cochrane and Sno Bonneau to grow up, apologise to Mayor Val for their horrible behaviour and actually work with her in future.
If they are not prepared to do this, then they must go now.

Aunty Jack said...

re comments by the Headless Horseman ..."encourage the elected councillors like Alan Blake, Margaret Cochrane and Sno Bonneau to grow up, apologise to Mayor Val for their horrible behaviour and actually work with her in future"

That is like opening the door to the canary cage and saying to Sylvester X 3, "now don't touch the birdie"

It ain't gunna happen!!!!!!

Hell would have to freeze over first before Bonneau felt any empathy to anything and could be apologetic to anyone over any issue. It is not his MO.

As for the Snake and Coachroach, they will bury themselves for awhile, and then come out of their dens at night, to do more evil.

The Headless Horseman said...

Dear Aunty Jack, I fear you are right. But I live in hope. I can't see Blake, Bonneau and Cochrane doing the honorable thing and quit now that their behaviour has been exposed and they have been thoroughly discredited. They are canker on the city's future as long as they remain on council.
I support calls for Julia Leu to take over as finance committee chairman. She knows how to run a council and she knows how to run a business. And her common decency is a bonus.

Bring back the Stocks. said...

I would put money on Hulls legal "team" going for broke.
Briggs got entitlements from many years of 'service to the public'. Hull will squeal like one of the three little pigs to "Her Media" and as always get what she wants with no regard for anyone else.
I wonder what "her media" really think of her and how such a smart operator became so lead by a bunch of selfish old men. Smart girl but lacking in morals.

the cat's vomit said...

Morals? Ethics? Principles? Uh, what are those? Are they taught in universities today?

Anonymous said...

I think saying Ms Hull is "a smart girl" is giving her too much credit. If she was smart she wouldn't have got herself into this mess and everyone else along with her. She is cunning yes, but smart no way. Unfortunately she has managed to get by for many years it seems using her "charms" (men are so hopeless)and when she found herself working for an intellegent woman with expectations for her to deliver professional service she didn't like it all. But with Noel looking out for her (drooling all the way)she was safe. Unfortunately now that she has dropped him in the proverbial she has cut her only life-line. Blakey might be ready to cruise with her, but he will make sure that he doesn't go down with the ship. Must be an interesting relationship - two people who are so confident of their own self-importance. By the way have you read Blakeys bio on the Council webpage. It's hilarious - wonder who wrote that for him.

Bring back the Stocks. said...

Very insightful Chow.
Unfortunately when an animal is cornered they attack.
I'd love to see Blake and Hull on the golf course. All the instructions on how to hold the club would be very entertaining.
I think the drama has a way to go before it's ultimate conclusion must be very icey on the 3rd floor on Spence with Ms Hull and Val these days. I hope they don't get into the elevator together could end up in a nasty cat fight.
Meo Fisssst Meeeeoooo Fisssst.

the cat's vomit said...

Val is much too classy to get into a fang and fur catfight.

Mel,South Side said...

Surely an investigation into the half million suggested compensation that has been paid to Briggs must be undertaken.Obviously some Councillors are not aware how much has been paid.
Val must immediately advise the public what the payout was,and why it was paid,possibly without the knowledge and consent of all Councillors.The fact is that Briggs had a contract with the Council which ran for a period of time,Briggs admitted himself that his immediate resignation was his own decision,therefore surely he must have broken a condition of his contract,which places him in no win situation,whereby he could possibly be sued by Council for non performance and breach of contract.Instead Val,apparently without consent of all Councillors,
has given Briggs a golden handshake.This matter should be investigated immediately and reported in full detail to the public.
We also now have the acting CEO stating that he may decide to open the Henry report to the public,surely the Councillors are the ones to decide whether this is to be done.Why do some of these people suddenly think they are God.