Monday 15 June 2009

Blog Boys beats up again

The Blog Boys were back on air yesterday morning.
This week we spoke about bringing Schapelle Corby back to Australia, or letting her rot in some Asian jail; nude models going nude; RACQ's campaign to save the fuel subsidy, and reasons why we shouldn't mention a former Council CEO.
It's my regular stint on 4CA 846 AM, on Monday's from 7:35 am with Mike "Locco" O'Loughlin.
Lance Royce from Northern Truth joins me.
Tune in or tune out. It's the best 30 minutes of radio you'll hear, beside John Mackenzie's four hours after I leave the studio.
Whatever you do, start you week with something disturbing.


Syd Walker said...

Why don't you just bash him up Mike, so you can sleep in on Monday mornings?

New Brisbanite said...

Oh Christ.

Lance on a Monday morning.

The thought makes me shudder!