Saturday 6 June 2009

NQP announces officers, and a gentleman

The North Queensland Party, formed over recent month's following public disquiet in the current political representation in State's north, have elected their committee.

"North Queenslanders have voiced strong support for the formation of the Party after the public meeting held on 13 May," says Darren Howie. "Since this meeting a Steering Committee has been established, a website created, and the party has started accepting members."

The committee is John Tomkins (President); Cairns Regional Councillor Rob Pyne (Treasurer and Registrar); Darren Howie (secretary and spokesperson for Cairns); Matthew Filippi (Communications Officer and spokesperson for Barron River); Former candidate for Mulgrave Dr. Damien Burns (spokesperson for Mulgrave); and Lochlan Benstead (spokesperson for Cook).
A draft constitution, fund-raising and membership events are the top of the list for the new Party, which will 500 members to officially register.

“Since the public meeting there has been a huge ground swell of support from the public," Darren Howie says. "People have been stopping me in the street to show their support and I have been contacted by interested members from all over North Queensland.”

The party is asking that anyone interested in getting true representation and development for North Queensland to take action by becoming a member.


Unknown said...

sounds all too familiar - perennial losers and no-chance wannabes, for the most part.

JKR said...

Good luck to the NQP. I wouldnt be allowing Darren Howie to speak though. The bloke does a good impression of the comedian Hughsey but that isnt much good unless you are trying to get a laugh.

Damien is a good bloke and someone who I have a lot of time for, as is Rob Pyne. The others are in it to push their own barrows, but I believe that Damien and Rob are honest. Damien however has just chosen the wrong avenue to get to Parliament, because (and with the exception of Pyne) these others will be dead weight.

Lachlan Bensted said...

in response to peter's comments, i am just wondering if he is happy with the representation and politcal presence in far north qld? and whether he has any interest in what happens in nth qld? fortunatley its the negativity that drives a party like the nqp to gain momentum to have an impact in state represenation. what do we have to response to jkr: i agree with your postive responses. however, with darrens input from day 1 we wouldnt have a nqp, 'people' would still be talking about the inadequacy of the current government. give rob a ring one day and you'll find you will be pleasantly surprised