Wednesday 3 June 2009

Mayor Val Schier's statement

Cairns Regional Council Mayor, Val Schier's statement to the press regarding the non-disclosure of the independent investigator's report.

[5 meg / 3:44 sec]


colinwhodares said...

well well val , I have been a staunch supporter of yours ,UNTIL you voted to keep the briggs report secret.
I knew you were innocent but you let the rats in the liberal ranks scurry away shame shame shame.
From today you have left the safety of someone who believed you .

nocturnal congress said...

colinwhodares, Val is trying to keep the Council together. Think about it.

Syd Walker said...

Even the Cairns Post has its uses on occasions. I notice it's running an opinion poll at present:


Do you think the report into Cairns Regional Council's cash for comment radio appeareances should be made public?

Yes 100 %

No 0 %

That's what I'd call a popular mandate.

Of course, it may signify that only one visitor has voted so far.

I expect the percentage in favour will decrease as (most of) the Councilors, senior staff and associates eventually get round to casting their vote.

colinwhodares said...

nocturnal I did think about it but to protect the germs trying to undermine you is beyond contempt.bye bye val

nocturnal congress said...

colinwhodares, it makes sense that a lot of people would not have told the truth. Do you really believe they would up and spill their guts if this was a conspiracy to try and embarras the Mayor?



Syd Walker said...

According to the Thomas Chamberlin writing in today's Cairns Post:

"Mayor Val Schier now disagrees with a $17,000 council report that found it had been "appropriate" to buy radio time to allow her to speak to the public...

"I don’t agree with the (report’s) first conclusion that it was an OK thing to do," Cr Schier said.

See Cash comment 'wrong'

It will be interesting to see how Mr Henry argues that case in his report.

Presumably Mr Henry also believes it's just fine for the CRC to pay him $17K?

Blogs are Corrupt said...
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Blogs are Corrupt said...

Blogs are Corrupt said...
Face facts, Val Schier has no opinions or ethics of her own. Her opinion is always what the last person told her, or the last email said. And it's even more despicable how this blog owner continues to defend her and not face reality. You must really love her, Michael.

nocturnal congress said...

To Blogs are Corrupt:-
You dare talk about "ethical" behaviour when this entire fiasco "Cash for Comment" has revealed:-

1. A senior staff member of CRC making deals behind the Mayor's back (secrecy, dishonesty)

2. Radio 4CA demanding money for a female Mayor when they did not want money for male Mayors ( inconsistency, greed,)

3. John MacKenziwe phoning Councillors to "complain" about the deal
(bias, inconsistency, misogynism, hostility)

3. Councillors who knew the details of the deal before the Mayor did, one of whom raised it spontaneously at a meeting to obviously embarras the Mayor

(conspiracy, secrecy, vindictiveness)

4. A CEO who made all decisions relating to the dissemination of the Henry Report.
(dictatorial, secrecy, dishonesty)

I've just summed up some of the characteristics of the behaviours of the people involved, and been as mild as I can in judgement.

And you dare to say Val has no ethics?? Man, what we have seen in this "Cash for Comment" makes the Moran boys look like boy scouts. CRC has its own UNDERBELLY mate.

macca wacker said...

Just finished listening to my favorite radio man RUGged macca. He and the mayor chatted like old mates and not one word about the "cash for comments" is he really running a talk show or what!

The Headless Horseman said...

Val's critics on this blog here miss the point. Val is one classy lady who rises above the rot that has been going on.
She has a responsibility to guide and lead our community and she is achieving this despite the backbiting and the put-up jobs of those of smaller minds among the councillors and the senior staff.
Val and the CEO have to get along regardless of any differences otherwise the council will become dysfunctional. Val is an easy-going person and I hope she wins over the people who have tried very hard to make things difficult for her.
It's not Val's style to play the grubby politics her small-minded opponents like to play. And I applaud her for it. In fact, as someone who voted for her, I am proud of her.

the cat's vomit said...

There's been as much perfidy, cunning, treachery, duplicity, lies and sex as a John Grisham novel in this fiasco. To cap it off, there's a naive community of simple minded, trusting hayseeds who really believe a "Report" is going to reveal all.