Wednesday 3 June 2009

The return of the Caption Contest

Thanks to Janine Aitken, here's a special moment this afternoon, just seconds prior to CEO Noel Briggs' announcement that the Cairns Regional Council's Cash for Comments report would never be released. Ever. Not on his nelly.

He stopped short of saying that he's eaten the report, so no one can ever see it.

Pictured is (L-R) Deputy Margaret Cochrane; Media Co-ordinator Sonja Anderson, heir presumptive to the media throne whispering to CEO Noel Briggs. On the right, the man of two octaves lower than a sperm whale, ABC Far North's Drive host, Richard Dinnen.

In the background is Council's HR Manager, Jo Ward, doing a trick I master-mined years ago working in Parliament: walk around holding papers. Fools everybody.

And because you couldn't all be there today, here's you chance to put words in their mouths! As always, I'll start the ball rolling...
  1. Margaret Cochrane: "Sonja, that's a lovey perfume you have on today, what is it?"
  2. "Noel, I promise I'll be a really good girl if you give me the job, and swat up what 'recall' means when I send a media release out without checking it first."
  3. Richard: "Damm Kier Shorey, giving me the fake microphone for a laff. I'll show him tomorrow with that ABC Whoopie cushion."
  4. "Okay, I'm going to put on the best face and fool these dodgy media folk, they are so easy to lap it up. Oh and that Blogger Moore won't know what to write next!"
  5. "Sonja, do you mind, Noel is about to give the best performance of his career, go away and type something up, why don't you!"
  6. ".....your turn..."


Janine Aitken said...

Sonja! Personal bubble! Get out of mine!

Noj Nedlaw said...

Margaret Cochrane (thinking to herself)- "I am supposed to be chairing this - so why is Briggsy's chair bigger than mine?"

Bring back the Stocks. said...

Noel What should I do? There's a little yellow snake down in the carpark doing something rude to your scapegoat. Hmm I'll be down after I've fed the chooks Sonja.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Sonja: "Just tell them your bloody dog ate the report, Noel!"

Gavin Bland said...

MARGARET: Hey! Get your hands off. I'm the one supposed to be pulling those strings.

the cat's vomit said...

JO WARD: (Thinking) "See how invisible I am walking around with all these files? Now.....ewwww...body language, body language Sonja!"

Syd Walker said...

"I've checked under the table twice already"

macca wacker said...

I promise he will come to my place in an unmarked taxi, if I get her job