Saturday 6 June 2009

Council 'Smart cars' for Leu and Pyne

Cairns Regional Council aims to downsize all larger passenger fleet vehicles replacing them with hybrids and smaller diesel powered models,” says the Mayor of Cairns in a welcome distraction from two months of bad press around the Cash for Comment scandal.

“Over the next 18 months four Smart cars will be purchased as replacement vehicles."

“In the last two years Council has replaced one quarter of light commercial vehicles with new generation diesel models providing significant savings in fuel costs and reduction in green house gas emissions. By the end of next year, more than half of the commercial fleet will be replaced this way.

However, the Cairns Post has tried to prove that it is a vain attempt to look green, and has compared the Smart Car to the Toyota Yaris, which is $6,000 cheaper. They also say it has less fuel consumption than the Smart.

"The acquisition is integral to Council’s Corporate Sustainability Policy that intends to reduce financial losses associated with inefficient energy and resource consumption and reduce environmental impact," Mayor Val Schier says.

"The Federal Government’s Green Vehicle Guide rated Smart cars as producing the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in Australia," Schier says. "The car is a small and manoeuvrable size for use around the city, using less than 5 litres of fuel per 100km. Its emissions are less than half that of a standard passenger vehicle such as a Toyota Camry. That is a saving of more than $900 per car per year in fuel costs and the vehicle is 90% recyclable.”

Comparing this car with Council's fleet care like Holden Commodores and Toyota Camrys, instead of a like car is a bit cheeky, however any move away from gas-guzzling is a good move.

Schier also says that the Federal Government's Green Vehicle Guide rated Smart cars as producing the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in Australia.

"The Council aimed to go for smaller options and replace all its larger passenger fleet vehicles with hybrids and diesel-powered models," Val Schier says.
They really only need to purchase two Smart Cars. One for Councillor Leu and the other for Rob Pyne.


macca wacker said...

I whole heartedly agree only two smart cars needed one for rob pyne and ms leu ,the only two councillors that have the guts not to do the party thing that is hide behind the pupular thing to do as dictated by the majority of stooges !

I Am The Stig said...

It would be useful to provide Cr Blake with one of these vehicles as it would be very easy to hide in a Driveway and could blend in with the Monsteria Delicious.

KitchenSlut said...

Parking on the City fringes is an increasing debacle and Cr Blake never follows up on these issues with his new CBD constituents (even when promised) anyway so it's not certain why he needs any transport at all?

nocturnal congress said...

I Am The Stig...Christ mate, monsterio delicio hey? Blakey is probably licking his lips and putting in his requisition order right now. Briggs will have it under his nose first thing Tuesday morning.

hadenuffoffliberallovinblake said...

HERE IS BLAKES SMART CAR! It has revolving number plates that when in a driveway that they should not be in they turn to reveal "I,m not here mike" ,
It would also turn invisible if parked near or around the corner of someone it shouldn,t be near !
It would be smart enough to know we are all on to the coniveing backstabbing undermining shifty little creep !
That is the blakestar smart car hhhaaa