Friday 5 June 2009

Warning, you might be disturbed

We now have over 20 active blogs of various persuasions around the region. You will find a full list, on my 'Cairns Blog Roll' in the right-hand sidebar.

One of my regular Blog reads in North Queensland, is the always entertaining The Cairns Roast. Recently, Google put up this warning before you can open Paul's blog. Like me, he's attracted a great following and his share of nutters, but that's what makes the world go round, I guess.

I think the Cairns Post, along with Channel 7 TV news, should have a similar warning before they present their noos. Any others?


CBD Warrior said...

Google DID NOT "put up this warning" as you wrongly allege.

It is a standard, self-selecting option for all Google-hosted blogs. You've exaggerated again for the sake of a story, Mr. Moore.
And had you actually READ this blog you claim you love so much, you would have noted the bigger story - the Cairns Roast will no longer be updated regularly, if at all. Big announcement on the front page.

Another malaprop from the ""

Sam teh Lion King of Freshwater said...

Oh dear CBD... with your extreme ranting about the most minor of things, make the lefties on this Blog look rather moderate.