Monday, 29 October 2007

Kevin Rudd's memorable day in parliament


billy sneddon said...

Go Kevin 07.....what next ?
Will you be having a dig in your nose?
Just shows how common he is, doesnt it?

Not really prime minister material at all.

Go Charlie.

Afraid,very afraid said...

Wow Billy Sneddon, (after your efforts in dying whilst 'on the job') if nose picking is part of the criteria that you use in deciding what makes or doesn't make a good leader, I'd hate to see your what your other priorities are if you think WorknoChoices Charlie is the one to back.

Anonymous said...

afriad....lets all face it, we dont have much to chose from up here in this neck of the woods. Charlie is by far the best candidate for this particular election. In future years lets hope that we have many more stronger candidates to vote for.
We all have our little foibles, but really, picking ones ear wax during parliment isnt a good look....isnt that what our bathrooms are for ?

Afraid,very afraid said...

Well Anonymous, you may already be on an AWA and you are obviously very happy. I'm not. My salary has been determined through enterprise bargaining with the assistance of my union. I know that if Charlie McKillop is elected and Howard and his clone is returned I can say goodbye to my existing work place conditions because Howard has made it clear that he has the destruction of industrial relations for my profession in his sights.