Friday 11 March 2011

Mo-less Warren Entsch gives us a "powerful and safe online experience." WTF?

According to Warren Entsch's new website, he is committed to "developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience."

What the? I know he likes his whip, but a "powerful experience"? Oh, please.

Warren's new portrait adorns the website, sans mustache, and in a new and thinner-on-top look. You'd almost believe it was a different fella than the majority elected just a few mad months ago. I also have to question the choice of a lily-white shirt. It's a bit pure looking for this veteran polly.

And what's with the photo of Cochy?

A pre-election sized Entschy is there with Cairns Regional Council's deputy mayor Margaret Cochrane.

I suspect she's getting some campaign advice on how to run for Mayor in a year's time.

Just think, next year we could have Paul Freebody and Margaret Cochrane running the town. I'd rather slit my wrists and pour mineral turpentine on them.


KitchenSlut said...

Congratulations Wazza on being able to so quickly get a new website up after your re-election. I look forward to the eminent contribution of the imminent business leaders? Could it be the Freebody literacy virus perhaps?

"Federal Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch has formed the Cairns Business & Sporting Group to fast track plans to establishment (sic) a new industry in the Far North.

A line up of imminent (sic) business leaders make up the apolitical group which has been established to work in collaboration with key industry groups and all levels of government to develop tangible economic outcomes for the region."

Al said...

Wazza, you badly need Charlie back to write such releases. At least then, you'll look half smart.

MG said...

Well at least someone in Cairns is doing something

Val cant even sustain a publication of coming events in magazine that has blake in it lol she is afraid that an interview done by the magazine is politically oriented yet does not say same of her cronies who do same in other city magazines or blogs for that matter

when is the pathetic small town syndrome mentality of the mayor going to end - please someone who has vision step up and take her place

Unknown said...

pity Warren couldn't manage to find a local developer for his website...there are plenty of them right here under his hoof....