Thursday 3 March 2011

Freebody "best man for the job" - Langbroek

The LNP have confirmed that it is reviewing the pre-selection of Paul Freebody as their candidate for the State seat of Cairns, despite the Party's leader saying he is the best person for the role in Cairns yesterday. God help the LNP.

A report on WIN TV last night said the change of heart follows "lewd allegations" about the former citry councillor's business dealings.

John Paul Langbroek said yesterday whilst visiting Cairns, Paul Freebody is the "best person for the job."

Well, what a sad reflection of the LNP if this is the best they can to to represent our region, after 10 years of Labor, and close to 100 years of Labor representation in the Cairns seat.

Mr Freebody has called our female councillors "witches and bitches" and has made numerous threats of violence against people's lives. There are also serious questions to be answered about his business dealings over recent years that are part of a legal liquidation investigation from his Car Wash Cafe business

"The fact is I'm here to represent the people of Cairns, I want to work for the people," Mr Freebody said yesterday when he was with his Party's leader on the Cairns Esplanade.

"Paul Freebody has been chosen as a former Councillor, very enthusiastic, chosen by the local people in Cairns," a defiant John Paul Langbroek said yesterday, who cancelled an open media interview at the last night. However the LNP has now said the decision for the pre-selection will be "re-evaluated" but Langbroek says Freebody is still the right choice. "It will be a tough fight, but we will show the people of Cairns that [we] are a better alternative than Labor."

However CairnsBlog has been informed that very senior members of the Party are now looking into the background of Freebody, something that wasn't done prior to the selection. A Liberal MP is also calling for this to "be dealt with" as a matter of urgency, and that all claims be heard. Another party source, who did not want to be named, said he "needed to go, so we can select someone else, and move on as soon as possible."

Federal Party leader, Tony Abbott, has also been informed of the ructions within the Cairns LNP and been made aware of the specific issues surrounding Mr Freebody.

The WIN TV report said that Mr Freebody had also "stepped down" from his role as CEO of his waterpark project, planned to be built on the flood plain of the Barron River delta. It will be a project that will now not ever happen, and was never going to get off the ground, given it's location, the Council's damming development assessment report, and a lack of investment of banking for this idiotic plan that flew in the face of local experts.

Freebody still says the building of the waterpark is on-track, despite hurdles. "When you have floods and cyclones, we tend to have investors that get a little bit spooked," Paul Freebody said yesterday.

Ahem... Bullshit!


Unknown said...

Yep I reckon Michael definitely is sweet on Freebody.

Mrs Bear said...

What a pity Joel Harrop didnt stand again, with things the way they are, he just may have won it this time round.

Paul Drabble said...

this selection really show's the lack of depth in our political partys when all they can find to use is a hasbeen ex cairn's councillor. New blood is hampered by the factional crap of all political party's. The parrty system is ffast becoming like bank's lacking reality with the feelings of the average australian and there suffering at the behest of failing political agenda.

Al said...

"Freebody still says the building of the waterpark is on-track, despite hurdles".
"When you have floods and cyclones, we tend to have investors that get a little bit spooked,"
The above is a clear demonstration that the man is completely deluded and disconnected. Are these suitable attributes for a parliamentary candidate?

Alison Alloway said...

Mike, don't you think the local LNP may have chosen the better candidate? Don't you think they have the personal knowledge to know their members? Hasn't it occurred to you that, yes, Paul Freebody might have some problems, but perhaps another person may not have been suitable?

KitchenSlut said...

In his coffee chat with Gavin King, Freebody's suggestion for diversification of the Cairns economy was to attract more public servants via Guvmint Departments.

This is somewhat odd within the Freebody agenda and given his spruiking of the ethical superiority of the small business ethos? KS is a huge supporter of small business but not the ethical superiority spruiked by Freebody which is simply the same evolutionary neanderthal tribalism we also see from Unions!

Anyway, posted this response at the Compost today where they reported business calls for Cairns to sadly become a centre on a kind of public Guvmint welfare teat:

"One of the advocates for more public servants is Mr Freebody, which is an odd contradiction given his frequent ranting on small business work ethics?

However if we want more Guvmint Departments I will nominate an ASIC office in Cairns given the shonky reputation of our entire business community. We have had assasinations of developers in Pakistani hotel rooms, Storm Financial, the collapse of Hedley (update:and the rest) which deserves closer enquiry, and last week yet again the suspension from trading on the exchange of CEC after it yet again failed to lodge returns (not reported by the Post?).

A few years ago an ASIC officer specifically named FNQ to a Senate committee as a difficult area to regulate for them. So if local business wants more public servants I reckon an ASIC office here should be just the thing?"