Thursday 10 March 2011

The battle of the malk, I mean milk

Simpsons fans will know all about malk - a dodgy cheap version that fills Springfield's school cafeteria.

A similar battle is being waged across the nation as both major supermarket chains have introduced cheap malk, I mean milk.

You can now get a litre for just $1, and two litres for two bucks. Bargain. But some coffee Baristas say the new cheap milk doesn't froth like proper milk, especially in home coffee machines.

The milk price war between Coles and Woolworths is selling milk at half the price most coffee shops pay for better quality milk and many say cheaper milk is not as good.

Some cafes I chatted to in Cairns yesterday were coy about what milk they purchase, others said they wouldn't touch the el cheapo brands.

According to some reports, Woolworths brand milk has a slightly lower fat content, around 3.4% compared with 3.6%.

There is now concerns that dairy farmers will be the ones who will cop a massive loss in the national bitch fight of this key shopping item. It's true that the strategy is working with so many increases in basic household items, the attractive discount on such a common and basic commodity means that many are choosing the cheaper brands.

Meanwhile, many Cairns locals are hooked on the orgasmic, I mean organic, Mungalli milk from Milla Milla on the Atherton Tablelands. At around $5 for 2 litres, it's by far the most expensive on the market.

So do you buy malk or milk?


Unknown said...

We switched milk a while ago and we use Misty Mountains full cream jersey milk. The coffee tastes great. As kids we grew up on "proper milk" none of this watered down variety. My fear is that the likes of Misty Mountain and Mungalli will be forced off the shelves.

T. Asquith said...

So do you buy malk or milk?
Neither! Milk and all milk products (cheese especially)are the main cloggers of arteries and thus the main cause of heart disease. Replace with soy or rice milk and you can flush the Lipitor down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

No place for Malk in my fridge!
We always buy locally produced Milk and love being able to buy Mungalli Organic milk in the supermarkets tastes the way milk used to taste.

MG said...

maybe if the local businesses supported the local milk industry we would lift the price of coffee marginally however keep and create jobs