Thursday 10 March 2011

Hands off Tara

Both the LNP and the ALP in Queensland have become two heads of the same creature, according to the Queensland Party, that will contest the next State election.

Both major parties voted down a motion put forward by emerging party in November last year, calling for a moratorium on the coal seam gas activities which are rolling out across Queensland. This was despite the application approvals being in breach of the Queensland Act as our farming sector across the State is under imminent threat.

"Never before in Queensland's history has there been a need for a new voice to enter the parliament," Beaudesert MP Aidan McLindon says, who is the force behind the emerging Queensland party. "As adverse legislation is passed each month with the support of the two major parties, which have increasingly distanced themselves from the population that pays them to represent their concerns."

"If you are not happy with the way Queensland politics is played out in this great State, then please share this video with your family and friends so that a grassroots campaign can begin."

McLindon says this is one of many issues which has been steam-rolled by both the major parties and the time has come for action.

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