Thursday 17 March 2011

Hungry Beast is coming back. Thank your god

The hit ABC social-media inspired Hungry Beast is coming back to TV next Wednesday, 23rd March at 9.30pm.

This is the third series of this rather off the wall approach to current affairs, that is fronted entirely by Gen Ys.

“Hungry Beast is a show that takes risks – in the stories they chose and the manner in which they tell them," Amanda Duthie, ABC's Head of Arts and Entertainment says. "By bringing together the serious, the unusual and the light-hearted, it will continue to resonate with audiences, in particular the under-40s.”

In 2010 the show was nominated for both a AFI and a Walkley and was the second-most watched program on the ABC for 18-39's.

Well-know journalist Andrew Denton, who has produced the series since 2009 says Hungry Beast shows that journalism can evolve in new and exciting directions.

"Newcomers 18 months ago, the Hungry Beast team are now making names for themselves in the industry.”
  • Wednesdays at 9.30pm on ABC1
    Repeated Thursdays @ 10:15pm on ABC2
    Available on iView

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