Saturday 19 March 2011

Peace lanterns working bee

Next weekend there'll be a lantern working bee at the Digger Street arts collective.

"We already have 23 lanterns, and would like to make at least 27 more," Margaret Pestorius says.

"The lanterns are a lightweight, luminous - a beautiful design from Graeme Dunstan."

"We plan to have at least 50 for the ANZAC Eve Peace Vigil on 24th April, that's Easter Sunday, starting at 6pm at the Cenotaph on Cairns Esplanade. The ANZAC Eve Peace Vigil is an inaugural event. It’s most powerful manifestation will be in Canberra."

"We’re hoping to be a notable presence for peace at all future ANZAC commemorations," Margaret says.

"The lanterns will also make a display for Earth Hour, where there’ll be a broad range of community groups celebrating. Our display will say things about the quality and sustainability of appropriate technology and community spirit."

"Think about participating in some good ol’ lantern making and community celebration," Margaret Pestorius says. "Think about what you’d like to see happen this ANZAC Day. Then make it happen."
  • Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March
    105 Digger Street, 10am

  • Earth Hour, City Place, 8.30pm Saturday 26th March

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