Wednesday 9 March 2011

Our own peace prophet will spout perilous messages in the city

Here's a message left by angels from the Lord: The end is nigh.

This Thursday and Friday, Cairns’ own Peace Prophet will begin a regular speak out for peace in City Place at speaker’s corner, and outside Cairns Central.

Central to the Prophet’s speak out, is a graphic display showing the technology and consequences of today’s wars in the middle east, particularly Australia’s war against the villagers of Afghanistan. (A graphic of that display is attached.)

The Prophet’s message is that the time of Isaiah has arrived. Swords will be turned into plowshares, and nations shall study war no more.

“Now is the time when Christ’s commandment shall be obeyed, for the end is nigh!”

Peace Prophet will appear in the image of death.

At a more secular level, Peace Prophet will observe that the war in Afghanistan is failing, the Karzaik leptocracy now rules Afghanistan, NATO forces are regularly killing civilians - nine children murdered by helicopter while collecting firewood just the other day. Even Kevin Rudd thinks it a bit much.

The Peace Prophet will compare the amount of money Australia has committed to weapons acquisition, to the amount available for disaster reconstruction and relief. He will proclaim the rise of Ploughshares actions in a resurgent peace movement to end Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan within two years.

An open microphone will run for two hours from midday till 2pm, and any resident of Cairns will be able to speak about peace and justice in Cairns and how to achieve it.

Peace Prophet supports the CBD revitalisation campaign of Gavin King and the Cairns Post’s CBD Revival campaign.
  • For more information: Pray
    (or Bryan Law 4052 1563 or 0403 049 566)

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