Wednesday 2 March 2011

Use it or lose it, AusPost says

Following a 60% drop in turnover last year, Australia Post has said it could be looking at the service ending if the current trend continues.

Most of the downturn has been attributed to our love of using email instead of 'snail mail' as we now affectionately call posting a letter.

Are you still using the good ol fashioned postal service to communicate? I can't recall the last time I posted a letter.


Hingehead said...

I thought ebay was making parcel delivery go through the roof? Of course I'd like to now thank the auspost courier for letting a passing stranger sign for a parcel and walk away with it.

If I can get my bills electronically I will. Only go to the post office for parcels and xmas cards.

Char Paul said...

I may not write letters to anyone, but then I was never much of a letter writer anyway. I do use Aust post for parcels, domestic and international.

Anonymous said...

So what about the citizens who don't have computers? There are still people who actually need to write letters. Try using an "official" e-mail in a court of law as a legal document!
If they do away with deliveries, how are OAPs like me, supposed to get to the P.O to pick mail up? Would the reduction in services provided mean a reduction in postage costs?
Birthday cards are still msuch nicer to receive through the post.

I used the postal service this morning to post a letter of condolence...much more personal than an e-mail don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I've not read any reports of Australia Post closing (after all, it's an essential service for many), but have read that it may need to change its focus due to the declining use of "snail mail". It has already done this, with the Australia Post shops (at Edge Hill you can even get new keys cut, somewhat badly). I suspect the business will further diversify and some outlets may close, but the service itself will not.