Saturday 12 March 2011

Spooky Christchurch quake doco predicted effects 15 years ago

A 1996 New Zealand TV documentary, that has just resurfaced, outlined what would happen if a large earthquake ever hit Christchurch.

It said the city's eastern suburbs and historic buildings, would bear the brunt on an earthquake, and claimed that Christchurch's "fatal flaw" was the land that it sat on – "a soft, shaky sponge of riverstones and silt half a kilometre deep. In any decent quake, the Garden City will shake like a leaf."

It also talked about substantial liquefaction that would damage sewers and drain systems and that buildings would sink or tip over. All of this occurred in the September 2010 and February quakes.

Here's an eight-minute clip from the doco called Earthquake!

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