Thursday 24 March 2011

Mackenzie listeners say yes to Cairns cultural centre

A CairnsBlog reader who attended tonight's meeting at Cairns State High School about the planned cultural precinct, gave the massive project the thumbs up.

''The overall mood of the meeting was positive,'' Alison said. ''There were a lot of John Mackenzie supporters there.''

The majority favoured the cultural precinct, but not in the location proposed by Val,'' Alison said.

‎115 people at the meeting voted to stop it.

"I wonder if the other 160,000 people in the region agree with them," Mayor Val Schier said.

No surprises there.


Unknown said...

Just like the previous Mayor did to which was once clifton beach now renamed to manoora beach, val is going to leave us the legacy of this cultural strip her her famous VALcano

OMG when will these people wake up and stop wasting money and use it create real jobs, not jobs that will last for a a couple of months then go away...

This VALcano is a total waste of money and time - how many residents of the area would actually go to it with a majority I would suspect call it an eyesore and then we will need to pay more money to rip the legacy of val down

Dont do to cairns what your predecessor did to clifton beach!

VOTE [1] Sexisam cause none of the others are worth voting for!

Unknown said...

The Valcano is a must have we don't need. $240m would be better spent on maintaining infrastructure, employing locals instead of putting council work out to tender to the lowest bidder and poorest work. Use the money for Cairns Val and not some southern building company with promises to employ a token local work force.

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

Not really sure I should bother with this but here goes anyway. Firstly, the money is $180 mill. Secondly, it CAN'T be spent on anything else. Thirdly, the Navy have just leased 16 hec of land adjacent to their current site for expansion so don't need any more. Fourthly (not sure that's a word) the Arts Community and Businesses have over 50 organisations in the Cairns region. They need a venue and they also deserve some major infrastructure themselves. We have invested very little in the Arts in the past. Now is the right time to change that. Fifthy, (now it's getting ridiculous) With a Waifs concert sold out, the Man In the Pinstripe Suit sold out, Billy Connelly sold out, Bentley Park College awards night sold out, Cairns High Awards night sold out.....there is plenty of proof that the venue will be more than viable. Sixthy, (ah...whatever) the Qld Ballet can't come to Cairns because our facilities won't allow for it. Many others are also avoiding us. Those who do come laugh at us from the appalling stage of the Civic Theatre.

Lastly, If you don't want it built, you must make a pact now to NEVER buy tickets to a local production, concert, comedy show, musical, dance concert, Eisteddfod, Awards night, childrens show or any other production staged at the Civic Theatre or Convention centre. That way, you can avoid being hypocritical when you claim nobody will use it.

KitchenSlut said...

Despite coming from a mostly Liberal background with a classical economic bent I mostly agree with Leigh on this.

The comment from seuritydog is so intellectually childish and ignorantly naive it makes Pauline Hanson look like a Nobel Prize winner!

Dog (for that you are) please understand that expenditure on new assets is not the economic equivalent of depreciation maintenaince as you have alluded. Oh dear!!

Refer to writings of renowned investment guru and philanthropist Warren Buffet to educate yourself if you require validation by an actual supremely successful businessman with a name other than Freebody?!

Further no dastardly southerners are stealing our lunch! probably the reverse actually!? In fact an influx of southern workers would be a bigger economic stimulus than bailing out failed entrepeneurs like Udo and Roy who basically just F**d up all on their own!

Leigh, equally I think there is concern at the size of the program and despite the $180 million I want to see a hard headed analysis just as should happen with the NBN. Most of this should be able to stack up if piggybacked with the Convention Centre business plan.

The Civic Theatre is a deficient embarrassment in urgent need of replacement.

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

I am in absolute agreement KS. On the Council website there is an Economic Impact Study found on page 3 of the Precinct pages. It's interesting but was done in Dec 2009.

The questions regarding any costing etc will not be asked while the discussion is still centred around whether or not the need is there.

While arguing semantics and untruths, the real questions can't be asked or it will be seen as an acknowledgement that the facility would be viable and a significantly useful part of our regional infrastructure and we simply can't have that!

Could we please move on from all of the reasons we CAN'T have it and just focus on the facility itself. It's design, the costing analysis, guarantees of local employment........All of the things the rest of us really want to know.

Tony Hillier said...

If millions can be squandered on a tennis stadium that has seen minimal use since the Davis Cup six months ago, surely public funds spent on an urgently-needed cultural precinct is money well spent!