Sunday 6 March 2011

Large earthquakes continue in New Zealand

In the last few hours, there have been more substantial earthquakes recorded, including a 4.9 close to Christchurch.

Yesterday evening at 7:34pm, a 4.8 quake hit Christchurch, centered near the 6.3 hit on Wednesday February 22nd. I just chatted to my mother on the phone, whom I visited for the last 7 days, and she said last night's quake was another frightening event.

"It was awful, I was home here by myself, and it was so horrible," she told me.

This afternoon another 4.9-magnitude earthquake has brought down massive rocks near Kaikoura at 4.43pm, 180 kilometers north of Christchurch. It was felt along the east coast of the South Island.

It's now expected that the cost of the earthquakes will be between $10-$15 billion, and will knock GDP growth back by 1.5%

Here's a rather graphic video released by The Press that was filmed minutes after Tuesday's 6.3 quake...

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