Monday 21 March 2011

Turmoil in LNP ranks

"The leadership of the parliamentary LNP is determined by elected representatives not faceless men," State opposition and leader of the LNP John Paul Langbroek said this morning.

"The LNP constitution is clear on this matter:
  • Section O.2: “The State Parliamentary Party shall appoint a Leader, Deputy Leader and such other officers as it may decide and shall govern its affairs according to its own rules.”
Langbroek says that the actions of some senior members of the LNP executive are in clear contravention of the constitution.

"If any executive member of the LNP is incapable or unwilling to abide by the Constitution of the LNP by accepting the decisions made by the parliamentary team, then those people should resign and make way for those who can."

The turmoil comes hot on the heels with suggestions that Queensland Labor MPs are controlling the State's administration committee. On Friday, Labor expelled prominent union organisers and outspoken privitisation activists, Stuey Traill and Peter Simpson. They are both taking legal action.


Vaughn said...

Maybe the Labor and LNP executive are one and the same. It would explain the current shameful state of politics in Queensland.

Bryan Law said...

They hold each other to the same (very) low standards.

Anonymous said...

If JPL thinks any of the LNP executive give a toss what he says then he really should reaccess his position because they tailor the rules to suit themselves.

Anonymous said...

Well, they've done it! Not only has JPL resigned but Lawrence Springborg too. So now they are fronting Campbell Newman, who isn't even an elected member of State Parliament and thinks Local Government is better than state.
OK LNP... get ready, aim,fire! Now you've shot yourself in your other foot!

Unknown said...

Mike your silence on the latest developments in Brisbane where unelected Party faceless men are now determining who will lead the LNP and the LNP now has an unelected State leader is telling. If the same had happened in the ALP you'd be all over it like a hawk extolling how appalling it is. A little of LNP bias on you behalf perhaps!!?!!

Michael P Moore said...

Thanks for your concern "Charlie" but regular readers of CairnsBlog know I have a fair go at any party.

It's interesting to note that the Cairns Post has been silent about my expose of Entsch's media advisor and also his new website bungle in recent times, both which I covered extensively.

Besides that, in the last 24 hours I simply haven't had a chance to write about the major fuck ups in the LNP in QLD - which are rather obviously.

As time permits from life's more important duties, I will do so.

Regardless, Labor needs to be thrown out of office in Qld - and that does't mean the Libs and the Nats are the alternative or if they're ready to govern.

Happy times.