Monday 28 March 2011

Queensland Party calls public meeting - Tuesday 7:30pm RSL Esplanade

The Queensland Party is gearing up for the possibility of an early State election, with leader Aidan McLindon visiting important regional seats in Townsville and Cairns this week.

McLindon will host a public meeting in Cairns on Tuesday 29th March, RSL on the Esplanade, touting that the party will be a "new voice for Queensland.”

The party today announced seven new candidates for the next State election.

"The new candidates include a local flood hero, a previous advisor to Richard Branson and Tony Blair, a Senior Vice President for the QPSU, a former federal Labor candidate and an LNP pre-selection nominee who resigned recently due to factional fighting," Aidan McLindon said. "We will also pit a successful financial advisor against the Treasurer in the key seat of Mount Coot-tha in what will be a crucial four-way contest between the Greens, the ALP, LNP and The Queensland Party."
McLindon says he and his team are ready to take on "the ALP/LNP monster."
“The Queensland Party has been working tirelessly since August last year to build a genuine alternative for better government and now that genuine alternative is coming to fruition as we prepare to make a series of key announcements in the coming weeks,” Aidan McLindon says. “From Mount Isa to the Far North, Rockhampton and a growing base in the South East, Queensland Party candidates are campaigning to return power to local communities. Queenslanders are genuinely interested in a party that has no ties to old factional rivalries, no faceless party machines and is interested in putting Queensland first by returning accountability to the parliament.”

The Queensland Party intends to contest every seat at the next state election, with the exception of those currently held by independents.
    Darren (DJ) Hunt will contest Cairns for the State election. Wendy Richardson will run in Barron River and Brendan Fitzgerald will stand in the Mulgrave seat.

    Brendan Fitzgerald is another former Liberal to join the emerging party, and is a strong supporter of Aidan McLindon 's drive to chance the landscape of Queensland politics.

    "He's has done a great job. I have been involved with the Libs since birth," Fitzgerald says. "My father was on the State executive and was a campaign director for Jim Killen, Don Cameron and Sam Doumany - the first Queensland Muslim attorney General. I can assure you the Libs and Nats in Queensland are not even a shadow of their past."

    The new candidates announced today are:
    Mount Isa: Jim Nicholls
    Queensland Party Chairman is based in Mount Isa and will contest the far western seat with a focus on addressing systemic issues surrounding poverty. Mr Nicholls previously advised Richard Branson and Tony Blair and also stood for the presidency of the Queensland Branch of the Liberal Party before the merger of the LNP.
    Rockhampton: Shane Guley
    Water and sewerage operator will stand for election in the central Queensland city with a deep understanding of the betrayal of the electorate by the Labor Party. Mr Guley has contested three elections previously with the Labor Party before being forced out due to factional warfare and sees The Queensland Party as the state’s only viable option into the future.
    Burdekin: Ron Wadforth
    A law and order officer will join Ray Grigg as the second Queensland Party candidate in the greater Townsville area. Mr Wadforth has been awarded a meritorious service medal for his long and commendable career in law and order and understands the need to address crime in the electorate. He is currently the Senior Vice President of the Queensland Public Sector Union for Townsville.
    Bundamba: Ray Cole
    A father and truck driver will put the people of Ipswich back onto the Government’s agenda by standing in Bundamba and raising issues of flood assistance, public transport and mental health. Mr Cole’s house was looted while receiving an award for saving a kangaroo during the recent Ipswich floods. My Cole is a genuine local who wants to get the Ipswich region back on track.
    Cleveland: Paul Golle
    Former soldier with operational experience in Namibia and East Timor, had nominated to contest the next election with the LNP but resigned due to ongoing factional rivalries and lack of regard for process. Mr Golle strongly believes in the requirement to deliver opportunities for business in the Cleveland electorate and is actively involved in his local community.
    Sunnybank: Chris Burns
    At 29 years is one of the youngest Queensland Party candidates, a mother and a qualified surveyor who has been involved in the natural disaster recovery following the floods, including in Grantham. Ms Burns is also the Chair of the Queensland Young Professionals committee and is committed to bringing her energy to represent the diverse community in Sunnybank.
    Mount Coot-tha: Matt Tuton
    A successful financial advisor with a proven track record in the industry will be facing off against the Queensland Treasurer in the critical western Brisbane seat. Mr Tuton, who has employed more than 25 people in his own financial business and now works for major bank in Brisbane, is also acutely aware of the need to support small businesses.
      7pm RSL Club, The Esplanade, Cairns

      (NB: Free Pauline Hanson doll with complimentary pins, for every attendee)


    KitchenSlut said...

    Can't find it listed on ticketlink, is it a comedy?

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    All disenchanted Liberals if you ask me. Charlie

    Charlie said...

    All disenchanted Liberals if you ask me. Charlie.

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    Remember folks

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    Vote [1] Sexisam Cause none of the others are worth voting for!