Friday 25 March 2011

Cyclone Bune "going to wipe out Cairns" - Bligh

NB : A lady known as Anna didn't say this, but it's the bullshit language she used during Cyclone Yasi.


Unknown said...

Come on Mikey,

The media crying wolf again.

It is nice there is a potential big system lurking in the background. But she's a bit far off to start calling arramgeddon.

Nice quirky blog all the same.

Unknown said...

Well we are ready...

VOTE [1] Sexisam cause none of the others are worth voting for

Tony Hillier said...

Mike, please don't indulge in this scaremongering ... leave that to the tabloid media! Here is the latest Met Bureau cyclone outlook:

Tropical Cyclone 3-day outlook for The Coral Sea
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Tropical Cyclone 3-day outlook for The Coral Sea
Issued at 2:30pm EST on Thursday the 24th of March 2011 and valid until end of

Existing cyclones in the Coral Sea:

Potential Cyclones:
There are no significant lows in the region and none are expected to develop
over the next three days.

Likelihood of a tropical cyclone developing in the Eastern Region on:

Friday: Very low
Saturday: Very low
Sunday: Very low

NOTE: The likelihood is an estimate of the chance of each system being a
tropical cyclone in the Region for each day.
Very low: less than 5% Low: 5% - 20%,
Moderate: 20% - 50% High: Over 50%

The area of coverage for this outlook is the Coral Sea and Northern Tasman Sea
west of 160E.

Further information on Tropical Cyclones is available at:

Michael P Moore said...

You're right Tony. I'll leave the scaremongering to Anna - just like the bullshit language she used during Cyclone Yasi.

Syd Walker said...

Those who like their scare stories with a tad more substance might like to check this out.

What They're Covering Up at Fukushima

Anyone wanting to get a view on the Libya 'crisis' that goes beyond the blatant war propaganda of the ABC, News Corp etc could do worse than check out my short article yesterday. The links at the end are fairly comprehensive in terms of covering genuinely critical commentary from around the world over the last week.

See Stealing Peace for the nth time

Unknown said...

Mike as this week's Newspoll demonstrates your views on Anna Bligh are in the minority. And your escalating hysteria against her is just amusingly pathetic as you begin to realise most people disagree with you and think she is a strong leader doing a good job. And you hate that!

Syd Walker said...

My theory is that Mike is planning to run for the job of Queensland Premier himself, so he's using his Media Empire, quite legally, to back his bid for power.

It's true Mike isn't in Parliament. I used to think that was an insuperable problem (if you want to be Queensland Premier) - but apparently it doesn't matter in the least. If there's no talent in Parliament, look elsewhere!

Anyhow, if Mike does run I may apply for the position of Deputy. All we'd need then is a nice big party. Too easy.

I bet I'd soon be viewed as a moderating influence in the Moore Government, cautioning against initiatives too far ahead of public opinion like free bicycles for gay whales or joke tsunami warnings during State of Origin matches :-)

Mrs Bear said...

Really Charlie? In the Minority hey, Im not sure what polls your looking at, but since Can-do has announced his run and that coupled with the ongoing dissent around privatisation, cost of water & all the other mounting issues, I think you might find its your blind faith in Anna that is now in the minority.

Vaughn said...

Hey Charlie, just because Bligh had her face on TV during the floods and cyclones, doesn't mean that rational people will forget her disgraceful performance previously. I'm sure most punters are over the moon to lose their fuel subsidy, have their car rego hiked, their electricity bill go through the roof, and have their rail transport sold off. Where did the money made from royalties during the mining boom go anyway? Putting the word "Premier's" in front of "Flood appeal" was a master stroke though, what a way to undeservedly gain popularity!