Sunday 6 July 2008

The video of vote rigging

With 80% unemployment and 100,000% inflation, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe's election 'win' is hardly anything to celebrate.

Paul Thomas in the NZ Herald casts his view on Africa...
  • If the reception granted Robert Mugabe at this week’s meeting of the African Union wasn’t obscene, then we might as well retire the word.
    There wasn’t a hint of censure for the old fraud who stole an election from under the world’s nose, the thug dispatching goons to whip voters into line, the lunatic ideologue who turned the breadbasket of Africa into a barren land, the psychopath who preens and struts in tailor-made suits while the currency collapses and his people starve.

However, Mugabe won't be happy with the UK Guardian's release of this secretly filmed video that shows what he's been doing for 20 years: rigging votes.

A Harare prison guard filmed what was going on. Shepherd Yuda has now fled Zimbabwe with his family.

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