Sunday 6 July 2008

Snow business in Christchurch

My old childhood town is under snow this weekend.
I just got off the phone to mum, who, as faithful readers will know, lives on the east coast, near New Brighton. We named almost everything after mother England.
She said it's been snowing right down to the coastline for the last 24 hours. "I didn't go out for the paper yesterday, it's too cold and deep out there."
My old school mate Grant sent me a text... "We got all covered in snow, it's so cold here, going for 6 degree high today!"
A heap of cars have crashed on the alpine Arthurs Pass road, that connects Christchurch to the West Coast of the South Island. I think they're mostly Australian tourists.
The snowy winter is all over the country. Ice has formed on roads in the Bay of Plenty and even Auckland.
Don't you just love living in north Queensland?

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