Monday 7 July 2008

Macca on Climate Change

"They say it's another Y2K, that's why I'm not convinced about all this."
- John McKenzie, Monday 7th July on Easy Mix 846 AM

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Anonymous said...

I can't actually believe that there are still people who won't acknowledge climate change. Our esteemed 'Yoda' McKenzie evidently hasn't switched over to ABC or SBS lately. Just take a look at our Murray Darling Basin! Old Rudd knows what a serious disaster this will turn out to be if we don't sort this shit out, quick smart, and it seems like he's doing his best to avert this long-brewing problem (thanks for nothing, Liberals). Macca can continue to ponder alternative reasons as to why his dwindling food supply is becoming more expensive, but rising fuel costs are not the only reason. Our population is exploding like algea blooms, especially thanks to our binge-drinking skanky youth (lads AND ladies, I should add) and (gasp) our rather prolific and destructive indigious brothers. All these people are hungry mouths that must be fed, and as our own fertile farming regions in the south slowly (and not so slowly, sometimes!)turn bad thanks to the changing climate, there are a whole lot less crops to go around. And importing food from elsewhere will be competeing with the ravenous hoards of India and China.
A person with as much public regard as McKenzie should have his bum kicked for influencing his listeners with his infuriating and ignorant comments on the climate situation. I recently heard him query "Whats the problem? I'd have thought that Australia would have practically limitless reserves of gas (LPG)." Brilliant, thank you John. Pretty sure it was vacant thinking like that that led to our current oil crisis as well. Stick to what you know, mate.