Wednesday 3 November 2010

Help CairnsBlog put Councillor Blake back up where he belongs!

Are you seeing double? Are you seeing red, or maybe green? Today I'm launching the CairnsBlog Alan Blake Fighting Fund!

Astute and regular Blog followers will be aware that Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake is suing one of his ratepayers, in a defamation case against CairnsBlog and its author, Michael Moore. He wants $350,000 because he has felt "suicidal, attends less public meetings, feels ridiculed and has been called a liar."

Alan Blake is a publicly-elected politician. He willingly stood for office.

I am now in the process of seeking a lawyer and also need to pay for the initial costs from last Friday's mention in the Supreme Court.

Donations are kept confidential (that means other Councillors are free to drop me a few donations, hint, hint) . I will also accept a brown paper back down a dark alley, so long as Paul Freebody isn't in spitting distance.

"Being a councillor is not a popularity contest. It's about making decisions that are right for the region, no matter the risk to your short-term popularity," Alan Blake famously says. "You cannot serve the region if you live in a bubble, focusing on what it will take to get you re-elected rather than what it will take to create a more sustainable future for the region."

"But this wider vision seems incongruent with the man who has the reputation for accessibility and independent thinking," reads Alan's Council profile. "He is never afraid to personally answer his phone when residents call and he describes his real office as being on the streets of Cairns."

Nice. Shame Alan didn't pick up the phone and sort this drama out over a year ago - 15 months to be exact.

The Councillor Blake's fund-raising Thermometer will permanently grace the top of CairnsBlog - as a constant reminder to our 27,000 regular readers, of his attempt to close down and silence debate and discussion in criticising local politicians.

No donation is too small. If you want a bribe or a favour in return, simply email me and I'm sure we can come to some arrangement.

You can also discuss advertising. What better time to get noticed than on the most talked about Blog in Queensland? If you can offer support in any other way, please drop me a line.
    BSB 064 836 A/c no. 1027 6791
    Commonwealth Bank, Smithfield

    You can also pay online via Visa and MasterCard. Click yellow 'Donate' button in the right-hand side bar.


Bryan Law said...

Alan Blake ought be blighted for servicing snobocracy!

MG said...

Oh gosh I love this the more you post the worse it gets for YOU

this is all useable material for court...........keep it coming its great

MG said...

Nice pics pity about the photoshop alteration

MG said...

oh dont you love it when you MM wont post what you have posted and you have posted it 10 times!!! lol

must be too many truths that hurt

MG said...

hey MM

the barometer is Red Hot Blake!!!!

what denominations are the markings on the side? $1 $10 $100 $1000 $10000???

or is it just empty?????

I know lets post blakes' bank account details like you did previously and campaign for him too

lets make it fair and equitable

treat it like a betting ring aka melbourne cup

or maybe bidding ????

MG said...

the unpostable post of the night

part 1

Wed Nov 03, 05:21:20 PM
MG said...

If the people on here besides a handful like myself had any brains then anyone who had read the personal legal letters published here without Blake's consent would know that this is not a kellog's competition and its actually a serious matter

Justice Jones has relayed to MM how serious a matter it is.

@ KJM the blustering and blundering here is not contributing in anyway to helping MM deal in facts

or is the truth printed here about photoshop and fabrications too much for your sensitive ears and crushing to your idealogy of MM

all you need to do is troll the last 18 months of this blog by doing a search with blake's name and there is plenty of fodder for the court room

MG said...

then unstoppable post

part 2

you may wish to read the publication I first wrote about bullying

bullying NO way its an education publication and there are many other online sites that deal with cyber bullying for teenagers and children

a leaf out of those pages would give some of the people here who are 'dumbfounded' by the defamation claims something to chew on

as to the rest of the posts here


otherwise its useless having a debate with the uninformed or couldnt be bothered

Unknown said...

Hey Mike - Don't forget to declare the few begging dollars you

receive on your next tax return.

Along with all your CentreLink, Housing Assistance and

whatever other benefits you manage to screw out of the

Australian taxpayer.

What goes around - comes around.

Time for you to exit Mike

cheers big ears

MG said...

Hey Murray

your original post was at 7:00pm and now its showing up as 9:55pm

this blog just gets better and better

gives more proof as I copy paste all the posted entries after my unpostable entry finally in part 1 and part 2 went up on site

thank you thank you

MG said...

and as at 8:17pm the posts amounted to 9 comments yet this morning they were 8 comments again @ 6.50am

checking through my copy paste at 8.17pm last night murrays had been reposted at a later time and one of my other posts deleted

MM of course is up to his 'manipulation' and 'fabrication' again

start copy paste yourselves and lets see what else MM does

Michael P Moore said...

"MG" your endless messages here are becoming tiresome, and I know my readers will agree.

Whilst I have no problem with you or anyone raising any issues, so long as it follows the comment posting guidelines, your constant messages amount to what we call flaming.

Furthermore, no message have been deleted, withheld, edited or any such thing - even in the last 24 hours. I've been travelling all day yesterday and last evening and had no access to the net until 8am this morning. I have been away from my computer and only just now logged in for the first time to see your angry carry on.

Your continual accusations about what I had supposedly done to your messages with conspiracy rants, is predictable and boring. It clearly displays someone frustrated and filled with venom.

Furthermore, CairnsBlog has a spam filtering system and I see a lot of your messages (I counted 18 for fuck's sake) were capturered there. Most were your repeated attempts to post the same messages.

Your continued efforts to carry on denigrating me on my website is rude and frankly, I'm over it. Imagine me arriving in your house and bagging you constantly? Would you find that acceptable? Of course you wouldn't tolerate it. You'd tell me to go.

Discuss that matters of the blog post.

Finally, posting comments is a privilege I extend, and whilst I rarely disallow any contribution - you have tried to use this place as your sole forum to vent hatred.

FOO said...

Well said MM,the constant drivel from MG is more than boring, it's bloody pathetic.

Unknown said...


I think the ranting of MG is totally irrelevant and boring. I think Mike has every right not to post this type of dribble. MG, why don't you start your own blog where you will be free to bore people to death with your nonsense instead of wasting space here.

I noticed another obnoxious poster "No Blake Lover" aka as "Schapelle Corby's Lover" has gone quiet lately after being exposed on this blog and thanks fuck for that.

Unknown said...

"He's gone nowhere you obnoxious prick, you don't like it that he made you and your other ID look stupid."

I had a feeling it was you. Same aggressive, rude and obnoxious style. And who made who look stupid ?

The ex-drug dealer taking up the case for an accused drug smuggler? Or the whinger who was having a go at backpackers without having any serious grasp of the facts.

Looks like the Australian and Indonesian governments will work out some sort of solution for Schapelle without your help and backpackers are still happily working all over the place.

Glad you found KJM to argue with, although I don't know why you bother. And still accusing MM of withholding or deleting your posts...

Be careful now, otherwise you might find yourself banned again for hate/abusive and off topic postings.

S Corby is innocent 100 demerit points Hate / Off Topic
No Blake lover 45 demerit points Hate / abusive

John Downer said...

Oh dear "Nick", you really do have your knickers in a twist, will you never get over the humiliation I handed you over Schapelle?

"Looks like the Australian and Indonesian governments will work out some sort of solution for Schapelle without your help .."

Really? And who is it that has been campaigning for her release for years, pricks like you, who repeat unsubstantiated rumours with the intention of keeping her there, or people like me?

I'm one of a huge group of people who have not let her case slip for one second of the time she has been in prison, fighting the prejudices of people like you.

We have supported her from day one, I still send messages to her every month from hundreds and hundreds of people who post to my site, plus money and gifts.

We have forced the Australian government to act on their promises, kicking and screaming at times.

Remember this, when she is released it will be no thanks to people like you and Mike, if that makes you proud, so be it.

Now let's see if Mike sticks to his promise and awards you demerit points for taking this off-topic .... what's the betting he does nothing?

Unknown said...

Dear "John",

You are a saint and a hero in your own lifetime, but I think you are the one who gets all worked up, because someone dares to challenge your views.

I take it that all those hundreds and hundreds of people who post to your site are all voting with their feet by boycotting Bali and putting some real pressure on the powers that be...?

or maybe they are still going there, because it is so cheap ?

They might even be running businesses there, depriving locals of income, something you are blaming backpackers in Cairns for.

Personally I won't go to Bali anymore after what happened to Corby and because it is full of expat businessmen destroying the place.

I don't think your campaign, well intended as it is, will make any difference to the Indonesian or Australian government. In the end they'll make a deal when it is diplomatically convenient and can be done without any loss of face.

If Corby is innocent or not doesn't really concern either government and that is a sad fact of life.

I don't think she should be in jail either way.

Anyway, I think we should all support Mike in his fight with the devious councillor because that's what this post is about, after all.

John Downer said...

You took this post off-topic "Nick", not me, so let's see if Mike rewards you for it.

"I take it that all those hundreds and hundreds of people who post to your site are all voting with their feet by boycotting Bali and putting some real pressure on the powers that be...?"

Well maybe they are, and maybe they aren't, it's not my business to dictate to people what they should or shouldn't do .... nor is it yours.

As to my business in Bali, I employ six full time staff, and four casual, ALL locals, and not one cent of the profits leave Bali.

"I think we should all support Mike in his fight with the devious councillor"

That's if you agree he did nothing wrong, I happen to believe he did, I think he was stupid and naive to make accusations he couldn't back up.

That doesn't mean I wish him any harm, or wish Blake any success, as I've said before, I'm neutral.

Unknown said...

The court will decide if MM was right or wrong.

However, I believe the justice system favours those who can afford the best legal representation and people who cannot afford a lawyer basically don't stand a chance.

I think that everyone who uses or frequents this blog regularly for whatever reason should support MM.

I'll put up $ 20 for a start. It is not much, but many small contributions will add up and can make a difference.

I am sure that a successful businessman like yourself could do much better.

Dan Vowles said...

I'm kinda new to this Blog thing and think this site is great and I appologise for going "off topic" , but it appears to me that those who are not prepared to indentify themselves such as "Nick" and "MG" are usually the ones who dish out constant tuff/ nasty talk to other bloggers.

Hey boys, if you can't put your name behind what you say, it's worthless, cowardly talk.

Be a man of dignity (or woman) or piss off. Anyone can post annon.

Maybe you might be better suited to posting crap on the text comments in the Cairns post.

Cowards shit me.

Unknown said...

You got a valid point there, Dan, but about 90 % of the contributors on this blog use nicknames.

I am not prepared to expose myself to some of the nasty nutters that post on this blog regularly, unless everybody is required to use their full names and the blog is strictly moderated.

This is another reason why the Blake-Moore case will be interesting and why I think it is important that it will be an equal contest, which means MM will need good legal representation.

Maybe the court case will help set some boundaries about what can and cannot be done on blogs like this.

I agree that it is very easy to say things anonymously on a blog , things you would never dream of saying to someone face to face. I admit that I , like many other regulars on this blog, am sometimes guilty of that.

I suppose it is a bit like you would not give the finger to someone accidently bumping into you in a shop, while you don't hesitate doing it when someone cuts you off on the highway.

It is regrettable when posters turn what should be a civilized debates into a personal attack on someone they don't even know.

Last time I checked I, unlike some others, had not been awarded any demerit points for making hateful, abusive comments on this blog.

John Downer said...

"I think that everyone who uses or frequents this blog regularly for whatever reason should support MM."

Whether they believe he was right or wrong?

"I'll put up $20 for a start. It is not much, but many small contributions will add up and can make a difference."

Are you sure you can afford that much, I wouldn't want to see you go without.

"I am sure that a successful businessman like yourself could do much better."

Could, or should? Give me one good reason why Mike's cause is more worthy than the many other causes looking for funds in Cairns, like, say, Harald's House?

Mike will never raise enough money to pay Blake's legal costs should he lose, so your $20 will be no more than symbolic, it would, however, provide a simple meal for a homeless child every day for a week if you gave your money to Harald Falge instead.