Monday 15 November 2010

Council launches fresh website

Cairns Regional Council have redesigned their (our) website, which was launched this morning.

The new website has a fresh look and feel and appears a far better interface for visitors and those looking at investing or moving to our region.

Many web links to individual pages will change, so you may need to change addresses to specific pages you regularly look up.


Leigh Dall'Osto said...

I am finding the new site much more user friendly. It's easier to find info and looks much less cluttered than the previous one. Well worth a look!

stinhambo said...

Who designed and developed it? Was it a local web company or did they need to go outside of Cairns for the expertise?

I don't remember receiving a tender application for it...

Nicky J said...

It is an out of town company, but the CRC did the right thing and tendered it locally. Rutten Technologies and myself put together a joint tender, but were unsuccessful. We think we were a bit too expensive, and the developer from Sydney had deployed websites for a number of councils previously.

Michael P Moore said...

Julie McGlone, Council's manager for marketing and communications responds...

"Our in house IT people have spent the past year getting all the logistics ready for the new website (which is only up as a "soft" launch at the moment - we're having our official go live on Monday week to give us time to iron out any glitches).

They worked with a company called Squiz to develop the template for the technical aspects of the site. This was before my time, but I am sure it was a tendered opportunity.

The graphic look of the website was done by local advertising agency, Hot Croc - this is a company on our qualified suppliers list; that is, they are one of several companies who went through a rigorous tender process to be listed as a qualified council supplier, so we don't need to go to a competitve quote system every time we need to use them. Having said that, they did the job for an incredibly good price and to very high graphic standards, so I'm very happy with the result.

Hope that answers your questions - cheers J."

stinhambo said...

So much for keeping the business in Cairns.

It's not about cost though. It should be about the technical ability.

If nobody in the Cairns area had the technical skills then it should have been tendered outside of Cairns.

There are several companies in the Cairns area that could have handled the development of this site.

PS. Good job on the design Hot Croc! Look great!