Saturday 27 November 2010

WIN TV, very mobile on the job

Thanks to Graham of Clifton Beach, who snapped this just before 3pm today, on the Captain Cook Highway. He assured me he was a passenger when he took the photo, as his mate was driving.

"The driver was on his bloody mobile from the Barron River bridge to just South of the Caravonica roundabout for heaven's sake!" Graham said. "That's an 80 and 100k stretch of road."

It must have been a gripping story WIN was en-route to, with just one hand doing the steering. Don't WIN News provide hands-free mobile kits for their staff? This incident is up there with Heli Charters who were caught out last August doing the same stupid thing.

There's a compelling advert on New Zealand television at the moment, showing a woman talking to her partner, who says "I'm on my way home right now." She then asks him to pick up some milk on the way etc. Moments later the phone call goes dead. The salient message being, when you hear a friend say something that indicates they're driving, you should terminate the call immediately. It's often obvious on a telephone call if someone is driving by the background noise.

I wonder if WIN can track down the caller at 2:56pm today on their company phone? Or maybe it was the office. Doesn't have a nice ring to it.

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking compulsory blue tooth for every phone