Thursday 4 November 2010

I awoke to a 4.1

It's usually nice to wake up with a bang.

Yesterday, with permission from Judge Jones, I ventured back across the ditch to Aotearoa - the first trip back since May 2008, when I returned for a funeral in Wellington. Prior to that, I returned home in 2007 when I helped clean up the family home and put together a memory wall for mum.

This trip is specially to see Doreen, my 88-year-old mother, in Christchurch.

In the last year, she has undergone some challenging adjustments. Isn't it odd, that we can cope with radical change, and often embrace it in our formative years, but late in life, when things should be restful and predicable, our seniors get uprooted and their entire surroundings turned upside down.

Last year, the family home become too much for mum. Her last surviving sister, Claire, succumbed to pancreatic cancer and was gone within a month or so of being diagnosed. It triggered a dramatic change in mother, emotionality and physically, leading to the massive decision of my two brothers resident in Christchurch, to move her into a semi-cared environment.

For mum, leaving the family home in New Brighton, where I was born, just a few minutes walk from Queen Elizabeth Park, site of the 1974 Commonwealth games, was an enduring and dramatic adjustment. Readers who have gone through a similar ordeal with their folks, will know what this is like.

Mother was always chirpy, engaged and supportive - as mothers are. Dad passed away in some 15 years ago now, so she has been fiercely independent and enjoyed a ferocious appetite for social interaction. That has largely gone, I'm told.

This afternoon, I'm heading over to see her for the first time in well over two years - although we are on the phone every week. John and Chris both tell me she has perked up with my impending visit and over the next three weeks, I'm looking forward to getting her out and about and spending some great time together. I expect we'll get out to Loburn, a small farming area not far from Rangiora in North Canterbury. It was mum's childhood stomping ground and I have fond memories on granddad's farm as a pre-pre-blogger.

Not that far from Rangiora, was the epicenter of the September 4th earthquake that struck at 4:36am in the morning. It was a massive 7.1. It's almost unfathomable to appreciate, but since that chilly September morning, 2,528 aftershocks, many significant in their own right, have disturbed and frightening locals in Canterbury. Buildings are ruined and many 'red tagged' for abandonment, across town.

Growing up in Christchurch, we rarely ever experienced an earthquake. This fault line was unknown.

This morning, just before 10 minutes to 7am, I was awoke with a 4.1 aftershock. The rolling quake went on for around 40 seconds or so. There was another just after 9am. It's a constant part of the environment here.

Anyway, thought I'd give you folks an update from over here. It's going to be an interesting time with mother, reconnecting. I'll let you know how it goes and share my journey along the way.


Paul Drabble said...

gl on the trip, remember the earthquake drills and maybe on your return through cairns airport you can update us on the new refurb....

Bryan Outlaw said...

I've been mildly sympathetic with your battle against Cr. Blake. However this post from you about your trip to NZ has forced me to have second thoughts as it is filled with at best exaggerations and at worst bald-faced lies.

Take your opening statement that you traveled "with permission from Judge Jones". This is bullshit- it isn't a criminal case, you didn't need and didn't get his "permission". You just said it an a juvenile attempt to gin up sympathy.

Likewise your exaggeration on the size and length of a 6:50AM aftershock. The NZ record on such events shows no such earthquake. But I guess you people are used to exaggerating size and length.

Finally I took a look at the pictures you forged trying to suggest Cr. Blake spent the night somewhere he shouldn't have. The forgeries are obvious and transparent.

Your continued attempts to deal with all these issues show you to be a fundamentally dishonest person and without a solicitor you best be stayin' in Kiwiland.

Michael P Moore said...

"Bryan Outlaw" - you make comment on three events that you were not present at nor experienced, so they are merely your lose and vague observation, at best.

1. Judge Jones "permission"
This is a factual statement. If you were in the Supreme court on Friday 29th October, or even read the media reports, you would have learnt that Judge Jones granted me leave to return to NZ.

It's obvious you were not there.

2. 4.1 earthquake
GeoNet are only posting the larger or more strongly felt quakes on their "recent quakes" page, as with the large number of aftershocks, they are unable to publish all of them on their website. The Christchurch Quake Map, where I get my data from, uses a full data feed from GeoNet, not their "recent quakes" page, so will display many quakes that don't appear on the GeoNet "recent quakes" page.

Furthermore, I experienced it first-hand and was here. You did not.

3. Photos of Cr Blake's car.

This reference, along with others who have recently raised it again (Blake has not, and it formed no part of his Statement of Claim), is growing tired, hence I have not had any interest in defending it.

You call them "forgeries... obvious and transparent."

I simply snapped a series of photos - from the streetside, showing the connection with Ms Hull and Blake, at the height of the secret deal done with Mackenzie's radio 846AM, that Blake knew all about, yet repeatedly said he had no knowledge of. Probably not a big deal, but nevertheless, makes a valid point in telling the story about how those events were glued together.

When the photos were published, neither Ms Hull nor Cr Blake said a thing publically, and frankly, why should they. However if they were fabricated as you claim, besides removing any of my credibility, why on earth would I want to orchestrate some silly hoax? Fact is always stranger than fiction.

The only fabrications you'll ever discover on CairnsBlog, are my annual April Fool's pranks - Byrne, Schier, and Blake have been my three 'subjects' however it was all done in mirth, and not malice. I have to say, and have recorded this previously; I actually used to enjoy Alan's connection.

Again, the night of the long photos, you were not there - I was.

Unknown said...

Bryan Outlaw - go to Recent Quakes

Here's the particular quake you dispute ever happened...

Reference Number: 3401839
NZDT: Thu, Nov 4 2010 6:49 am
Magnitude: 4.1
Depth: 1 km
Details: 10 km south-west of Christchurch

Unknown said...

"The only fabrications you'll ever discover on CairnsBlog, are my annual April Fool's pranks"

Wrong wrong wrong Michael ...

You embellish falsify and tell porkies all the time.

You published an email purported to be from my Council computer. You actually "pasted" over an email from Cr Cochrane, an email from my home computer to John O'Grady that he gave you. This was to make it look like it had come from a Council computer.
You then defamed me by stating that I was a highly paid Council staffer that should not be using my Council computer to post as Factman.
This low act on your part caused me some grief with the then CEO.

Fortunately I was able to prove your fraudulent ways and I still have my job, unlike yourself.

What a pity you're such a sham because no one can believe you any more.

I hope your mother is enjoying your visit and maybe she will persuade you that you would be of more use picking up debris in Christchurch than publishing lies in Cairns.

PS. Don't forget to mail Alan your keys for the unit. Oh and the deed of gift as well.

Cheers big ears

Unknown said...

"I simply snapped a series of photos - from the streetside"
Now that's interesting. When I queried you about the dates on these photos you emailed me that a "resident" in the street had taken them.
Now you say you took them.
Better stick to telling the truth Mike, that way you stay consistent.

Unknown said...

Hey Moo Poo !!!

"Honest Mike Moore", the blog creep lies and defames me publicly, then gives me demerit points for standing up for myself about these lies, then expects you all to believe he is the poor innocent soul with respect to the Blake case then posts this about me

"Michael P Moore said...

Murray, are you sleeping with Alan?
Wed Nov 03, 08:33:00 AM"

Abusive stuff Mike.
Alan's got more taste than to sleep with me.
Give yourself some demerit points, "Honest Mike".

What goes 'round comes around.
cheers big ears

PS: Posted your keys off yet?

Warren Entsch said...
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