Wednesday 3 November 2010

Bunnings Cairns selling dengue breeding pots, only $16!

They're calling it the Tomato Tower, a clever self-watering pot, "perfect for vegetable growing in small spaces, courtyards and balconies."

This perfect Dengue breeding trap is being sold at Bunnings in Cairns, Smithfield, and even Townsville.

Right now, especially to welcome the advent of the breeding season, they're on special at only $16. Bargain. Get two, one for your mozi-free neighbour.

The Tomato Tower consists of a pot about 40 cms tall and has a structure you attach to support the tomato plant as it grows.

You'll see in the photos, there's two rectangular holes cut into the side of the pot - the actual pot ends a couple of centimetres above it.

The hole is a water overflow, and below the hole the pot holds water 20 cms deep so that the roots in the pot above, can tap in to the moisture.

It is a great idea, you'll have to agree, and just perfect for our dengue-hungry hotspots, hanging out to beat the record of 2008-2009. We can do it.

The really hould rename the Tomato Tower to the Dengue Breeding Farm.

One CairnsBlog reader purchased one of these dengue devices.

"I thought my entire yard was mozzie-free and I have checked it like we are told to do," Carl told CairnsBlog. "But I've had this pot about a week and a half and this morning, I poured a whole colony out of this 'you beaut' 'self-watering' system."

When we spoke to Bunnings Cairns about the Tomato Tower, all they said the could do is notify the manufacturer. What the?

Surely Bunnings should stop selling this product from high-risk dengue breeding zones.

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Peter Senior said...

Or perhaps a small piece of gauze stuck over the hole?