Friday 5 November 2010

Wasmannia auropunctata are just some dirty little creatures

Have you seen an electric ant? Would you know what one looked like if you fell over one?

These highly invasive ants hide under debris, stones, leaf litter and rotten trees instead of establishing nests. They are tiny, about 1-1.5mm long and golden brown. I can't vouch for their nutritional value, but look honey-tasty.

The annual pre-cyclone season for cleaning up green waste, is a good time to spot the ants. If you live within the electric ant restricted area - Smithfield, Kewarra Beach, Trinity Beach, Caravonica, Yorkeys Knob or Redlynch - you can only dump green waste at the Smithfield transfer station - free during November.

There have been many discoveries of the ant in Barron River MP's patch.

“They can inflict a painful sting and inject venom that can cause painful itchiness, persistent pimples and occasionally a severe allergic reaction,” Steve Wettenhall said. “They are known to sting the eyes of pets and cause blindness.”

As a politician, is is aptly qualified to speak about nasty pests that cause painful itchiness and persistent pimples.

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Kate said...

Steve Wettenhall is a nasty pest, to say the least and has inflicted more than a persistent pimple upon the landscape of Palm Cove. Shame it is not as simple to rid our electorate of him as easily as it is to squash an electric ant, with one's boot!