Saturday 20 November 2010

Quote for the day

"Would it be inappropriate for Oliver Bligh to use, 'Ima fuck you like my mother fucked Queensland' as a pickup line during schoolies?"
- From a Facebook friend who wished to remain anon!


MG said...

MM this kind of post detracts from good debate and healthy debate


Russ Parker said...

I have to agree with MG MIke. Let's not start having to troll through garbage that spills from people's Facebook ramblings.

It contributes nothing and can only cause pain and embarrassment to a young bloke who just happens to be the son of a pollie. We should respect him and get rid of it.



Michael P Moore said...

Thanks for your observations Russ (real person) and "MG" (unreal person).

Whilst you're welcome to comment, observe, criticise, recommend, disagree with, and even ridicule, I reserve the right to write and publish my blog. Should you think something shouldn't be on here, you can change the channel.

Computer says no. ;-)

Russ Parker said...

Fair enough Mike - your call. I'll change the channel.