Friday 19 November 2010

Howard signs his way through Cairns

A line up of right thinking Howardites and even some leftie liberals, all came to see John Howard in Cairns yesterday.

"It was great to see him and get his book," an LNPer told CairnsBlog, who asked to remain unidentified, for fear of being outed as a Howard supporter.

"We've moved on, but there's still heaps of us who love him, if you know what I mean."

Howard's autobiography Lazarus Rising: A Personal and Political Autobiography has received acclaim and also some raw description of his former treasurer, Peter Costello.

Around 7,500 copies have already been sold.

Shona Martyn of HarperCollins said she's thrilled that the book has debuted at number-one non-fiction.

"This is a well-written, highly readable and important book, and early word-of-mouth is reflecting this. Reaction to Mr Howard at events has been extremely positive, with individual people buying multiple copies," Martyn said.

A second reprint of Lazarus Rising will take the number in print to 75,000 copies.

Have you purchased a copy?


Hingehead said...

I still hate him. Will never forgive for the Iraq lie. A small small man.

Billy Colless said...

A townsville student asked a great question regarding VSU at his JCU Douglas campus visit...

He still stands by the abuse of student reps and student welfare at JCU - Wonderful!

T. Asquith said...

Any discarded shoes laying around?

Syd Walker said...

It's a tribute to the tolerance of the FNQ citizenry that even this execrable war criminal can visit unmolested, hawking his self-serving memoirs without even a muddy boot flung in his direction.

I agonized long and hard over whether to attend this shameful event. In the end, lethagy kicked in - partially rationalised by the quandry that almost any conceivable stunt would assist his book sales while causing me significant incovenience.

It would be different, I suppose, if I was willing to do him actual physical harm, but I am not.

What is, I think, perfectly obvious, is that the so called 'Islamic extremist terrorist threat' is utterly bogus.

If it were not, Zionist operators like Howard would be living in a bunker or in a gated community on a island - not poncing around in public peddling even more lies.

Bryan Law said...

Syd, it's the Joooos behind it all mate! Watch out.

Syd Walker said...

You reduce discussion about mass murder and the origin of the major wars of our times - with all the misery they've brought - to cheap sneers.

Thanks to shills and apologists like you, over the years Israel has got away with ignoring 131 UN resolutions.

AS for 9-11, did you ever watch Prof. Graeme MacQueen's Challenge to the Peace Movement (MacQueen is the Founder of McMaster University’s Center for Peace Studies)

I provided you with this link months ago. No intelligent response from you, as per usual.

When you've done basic homework you have EARNED a right to respond. Until then, Bryan, you're just making more noise.

If you're not getting paid for spreading disinformation, you're pathetic indeed.

Syd Walker said...

Which Tinkerbell was responsible for the exquisite co-ordination of lies justifying the illegal invasion of Iraq, from Canberra to Ottawa?

You pose as a peace activist Bryan, but it seems your focus is on attacking people like me who point to the most likely causes of recent wars.

Bryan Law said...

I thought we'd already agreed on that Syd. It was the Joooos!

Syd Walker said...

Bryan, I think more an more people can see through your unpleasant attempts to vilify my arguments about 9-11 and imply I'm motivated by bigotry.

Please explain... Why is it OK to repeat endlessly - and despite compelling evidence to the contrary - the shocking defamation against Muslims that a group of them were responsible for mass murder on 9-11, yet profess SHOCK, HORROR and impute 'racist' motives when someone makes the much more plausible case that 9-11 was a Zionist black-op?

Why align yourself with war mongers such as Dick Cheney and Zionist control-freaks such as Michael Chertoff - but scornfully dismiss appeals for justice by 9-11 victim's families, Peace Studies professors and 1,300+ qualified engineers and architects?

Colin Riddell said...

Just when you think syd has finally realised his "compelling evidence" was made up by some bored college kids in the U.S.A . Up he he pops again , whatever you smoke send me some syd.

Bryan Law said...

Apart from blither on about the evil Joooos Syd, what are you planning to DO? Actually DO? Spare me further bullshit until you have a plan that goes beyond the passive expression of paranoid bigotry.

Syd Walker said...

Q: What am I trying to do when I debate with you, Bryan?

A: Use the opportunity to help introduce open-minded people, who may be reading this, to information they need to know.

This is information our wretchedly corrupt mass media attempts to stifle, with rare exceptions, assisted by a ragtag collection of paid shills and useful idiots.

Thankyou for providing me with so many opportunities Bryan :-)

Anonymous said...

And for every conspiracy theory, there is a theory debunking it :

Most of us have no way of knowing what the truth is. For every expert saying it was an conspiracy, there is another one who says it wasn't. What you want to believe probably depends on which side of the fence you stand politically.

If you believe that "the Zionists' are behind all evil in the world, then the 9/11 conspiracy theory will confirm what you already believe and will fit perfectly with your world view.

Many Americans believe it was a conspiracy. Many Americans believe the earth was created in 7 days and that President Obama is a Muslim and a communist.

Of course the question we in Australia should be asking is : "was it a coincidence that John Howard was in New York that very day or was he in fact part of the conspiracy ?"

(that is, if there was a conspiracy...)