Thursday 4 November 2010

Emails that come back to haunt you

Here's an email that Barron River Labor MP Steve Wettenhall sent last year.

  • From:
    Sent: Tuesday, 26 May 2009 10:02am
    To: ETU Cairns


    I was elected as an endorsed ALP candidate and am a member of the ALP.

    On fundamental policy issues such as privatisation, I am guided and indeed consider myself bound by the ALP platform.

    The relevant section of the current (2008)platform is as below:

  • 5.12
    Labor rejects a program of privatisation of public services, such as public hospitals and schools, public enterprises including subsidiary companies or utilities (in particular Rail, Ports, Public Hospitals, electricity and water) as an economic strategy.

    Privatisation of public enterprises should not be used to solve revenue problems of governments. Labor believes that it is more through improved management of the existing public sector than through privatisation that Government can provide a wide range of benefits to the community.

    I support the party platform.


    Steve Wettenhall MP


Colin Riddell said...


Colin Riddell said...

Not only does he ignore party platform he was un financial in the union !WTF!
Has he any scruples?
Steve Wettenhall MP pays final union fees

In a final twist following ALP's Barron Biver MP Steve Wettenhall resigning his ETU membership, he has decided to pay an $457 outstanding membership fee that was in dispute.

Dan Vowles said...

When are governments going to get it? No-one wants the sale of public assets. keating - Com Bank, Howard - Tesltra and now Bligh - Qld Rail. All have only been benicial to their books in time in parliment. Don't sell the goose that lays the golden egg.
Do they think we are all morons? Or just enough to sway with fancy advertising at election time.

Voting shoulndn't be conpulsory, so therfore that people that actualy have an imformed opinion don't get outvoted by fancy BS campains swaying the votes of punters who don't even know who their local member is until election time...