Wednesday 24 November 2010

'Council is play roulette, could kill cultural precinct' - Cr Pyne

Cairns Regional Councillor Robert Pyne has hit out at those opposing the cultural precinct project are playing nasty politics. He says they're playing roulette that could kill the project.

“I simply cannot believe a majority of councillors will vote to stop this project and return millions of dollars to Brisbane and Canberra," Councillor Robert Pyne said this morning. "This money could be spent here creating jobs here, to build something that would fill a great need into the future.”

"Yes, it does seem silly to play ‘Russian Roulette’ with this project. Then again, we did hear recently that ‘5 out of 6 people enjoy Russian Roulette’. Lets hope there are no bullets in the chamber for the Mossman meeting today."

AT today's Council meeting that will be held in Mossman, the Cultural Precinct will again be discussed. Pyne says the sting is in the tail of the report, which says...
  • "The Action Plan proposes ways of resolving issues raised by Councillors in order for the project to progress.

    Not adopting the Action Plan will prevent the project from proceeding.

    This report specifically addresses the issues raised by Councillors at the Cairns Cultural Precinct Committee meeting of 17 November 2010. These issues will be addressed until resolved through the actions summarised in the Plan.

    Council’s acknowledgement of the issues raised by Councillors and adoption of the proposed actions as outlined for the resolution of those issues is now sought.


MG said...

Has Rob Pyneeven asked other councillors the reasons they are opposed?

I was out and about on the weekend and at one of the stalls (in Rob's area)that the council has set up during the next two weeks and the discussion was primarily about the cultural precinct. The response was very much that cairns people do not want what is proposed and want an alternate site and design.

There were some who do not want it at all. another group that want a small bit now and lets see from there...not the whole lot

Are councillors meant to be representing their constituents? if so lets listen to the cairns people and the councillors reasons

on another note if its taken 16yrs of discussion and no further action do you really think pushing cairns people into this project is going to work.......probably not as there has never been an agreed upon plan

where are the alternate plans other than the 'valcano'?

T. Asquith said...

CRC councillors; this is a no brainer! We want this project, so stop the phoney opposition and give this city the cultural heart it so desperately needs. We CAN afford it. What we CANNOT afford is to lose this opportunity. Show some leadership for God's sake.

MG said...

The questions that need to be asked is where did Pyne get the information from to base this on fact??????

Talking to a friend on the street who knows another councillor yesterday says that Pyne is full of the proverbial!!!!!!

Most councillors want this however the meeting yesterday proved unanimous in yes to 'something' however lets keep in mind the cautious few who are the moderators of the egotists