Saturday 6 November 2010

Saturday SoapBlog: Bryan Law - The un-civil state politics in Cairns

This morning there were some more bumps in the night where I am - a 3.3 quake at 1:23, a 4.3 at 2:35am and 3.1 at 5:37. Keeps you in-tuned that there is a higher being out there and she's not all that happy.

Today Bryan Law returns to the SoapBlog to lay out his thoughts on the bumpy landscape of politics in Cairns, under a post Bjelke-Petersen environment. He questions our locals leaders and how they perform and react to criticism.

Bryan dreams of a positive future.

I’m leaving Cairns in early May next year.

I’ll be spending some time in Rockhampton, moving from there to Etna Creek prison until sentencing. After sentencing, if I’m lucky, I’ll be transferred to Lotus Glen prison (which will be easier for my family to visit). I’ll be carrying out an act of nonviolent civil disobedience in the Catholic Ploughshares tradition – but that’s a story for another day.

Today I’m reflecting on the current state of Cairns politics, and lamenting how un-civil it is.

In the last few days a commenter on CairnsBlog called “John Downer” expressed himself through alleging that “Nick” “really do have your knickers in a twist, will you never get over the humiliation I handed you over [elephants in trees]”

Here is a school of political thought that views humiliation as legitimate political goal. In this case it comes from a supporter of Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake, and embodies the right-wing nut-baggery of reactionary capitalism. But there’s plenty of it to go around.

The left-wing nut-baggery of democratic socialism spawned the likes of Anna Bligh, Jason O’Brien, and Steve Wettenhall. They too serve reactionary capitalism.

We see them all go feral during election time. (How many $Billion of patronage and largesse can be gained through winning a local, state, or Commonwealth government election?) There’s a reason they take it so seriously.

The key purpose of aggressive nut-baggery is to disrupt, distort and destroy any critical analysis and/or organising activities which might threaten the dominant controllers of patronage. To protect “business as usual” you don’t have to win an argument. You just have to make sure the “other” “side” don't win. Tearing down the temple works (sorta).

So when MG, John downer, No Blake Lover, Bryan Outlaw and Pothead 81 weigh in with their personal invective it might have no content or meaning, but it does have purpose – to distract, to embroil, and to promote intemperance.

Depressingly it’s an effective enough tactic. The shit sheet, the push poll, the attack ad, the black arts of a negative campaign. This is the context in which Alan Blake is suing Mike Moore for defamation. Two questions:

Why do we allow it?

What can we do about it?

Our culture is up to its neck in negativity. Gossip, incitement, tribalism, and aggression are reflected in our politics, our two tier economy, our behaviour in motor traffic, and our social practices.

If you stick your head up in Cairns with an opinion, someone’s gunna tryan kickitt. If you propose a plan of action they’re gunna try real hard. Name calling? Phoney allegations? Attacks on family, friends, employers? And all the rest. Eventually they put you in prison.

In my life I find it easy to reach for the invective, the cutting response to folk whom, for one reason or another, have been irritating me lately. Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

I’ve tried since adulthood to follow the ways of Mohandas Gandhi, and in more recent days Jesus Christ (Catholic Worker version). For thirty years I’ve tried to build my practise of nonviolence in the personal, cultural, and political spheres. The positive programme is community development, self-reliance, and fair trade.

The activist programme is keeping the wolves and jackals away from the positive program and the resource it needs.

I know from working on the positive program that we affluent white-fella cultures have a well established pattern of judgement/punishment upon which the jackals and wolves thrive. Even among people committed to community values, a little negation (perhaps a little hopelessness and despair) might just accidentally creep in. Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

In my dotage I see links between this gossiping culture, and equally widespread belief that “I” ought to be in charge (and everyone else should do what I tell them). Part of this cultural delusion is the urgent need to establish why some other people should never be in charge, or anywhere close to it. Which is the source of much conflict.

Some days I puzzle over why so many people call me names. Most days I don’t pay any attention to it. Most days I think about the challenges and opportunities in front of us to manifest “the good”. I think about some of the sayings that have shaped my present life.

Eugene Debs: While there is a lower class, I am in it. While there is a criminal element, I am of it. While there is a soul in prison, I am not free.

Died in prison.

Mohandis Gandhi: The first principle of nonviolence is noncooperation with anything humiliating.


Jesus Christ: Love your enemy. Return good for evil, love for hate. Love one another as I have loved you.


Some people think that the Christian and/or Gandhian response is to stand idly by, gaping in adoration, as pirates and spoiled brats destroy the fabric of life around them. That’s not my version.

My version is to be completely honest about what I see and think about the behaviour of our authorities, and their operators. At the same time I try to be forgiving of all the actual people involved, and invoke the possibilities of redemption. Both these principles have to inform the central part of nonviolent action - is to physically intervene and stop the bad behaviour.

In my dreams the positive program prevails.

In reality the condition of our polity is shameful. Where are our leaders, who show us vision and determination we can get behind.

Having outlined a plan for rising above the negativity, who do i get to consider in the next state election? Jason o’Brien, Desley Boyle, Tim Grau and Steve Wettenhall.

Out! Damned Spot!


Hans Van Veluwen said...

well written and you do have people out there that admire what you attempt to do...I do personally think you are trying to push shit uphill...but that is your prerogative. I thank you for sticking up for decent objectives that help make this world a better place for our children...your deeds do not go unnoticed by those with a more positive approach to life..thank you sincerely for your efforts and sacrifice...the world would be a better place with more people like you in and happiness to you and yours

John Downer said...

What a complete and utter bunch of self righteous crap!

Comparing yourself to Gandhi and Jesus?

Now that really is funny, I had to check the date, but guess what .... it's not April 1st!

You're a criminal and a liar Bryan, whatever spin you choose to put on it, and you're deliberate about it too, nothing Christian about that, but very Catholic.

"In this case it comes from a supporter of Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake"

Does it? Show me where I have supported Blake?

I have constantly and clearly stated that I am neutral in this, I believe MM was wrong, stupid, naive ... and that Blake is an arsehole, but entitled to sue .... according to the laws of this land that you consider to be below you.

You're a criminal, I'm not, you're a self publicist, I'm not, you want everyone to know your "good" deeds, I don't.

"John Downer"

Law abiding citizen.

"Bryan Law"

Self-righteous criminal.

I was going to wish you a good old rogering whilst inside, but knowing your background you'd probably enjoy it.

Bryan Law said...

John Downer said "I have constantly and clearly stated that [up is down) in this". Yes John, I hear you.

John Downer said...

Just keep telling lies Bryan, people actually read this blog, they don't take your word for anything.

Warren Entsch said...

don't censor me bala. dont print this one. please dont delete my comments

Unknown said...

John Downer :

law abiding citizen who publicly admitted on this blog that he used to sell fake Thai sticks...

Maybe you should try some. It might help with your anger management.

John Downer said...

"... who publicly admitted on this blog that he used to sell fake Thai sticks"

I said no such thing, yellow streak, but you admitted to smoking them.

Maybe you should try some. It might help with your cowardice.

KitchenSlut said...

Such a curious discussion as always. Councillor Blake was the sole councillor to appear at the opening of the Regional Gallery last night.

This is not all positive for the Councillor as he registered (#130 i beleive but could be incorrect) but left before bidding opened without a bid himself?!

Never mind, maybe there will be more boardmember Councillors at the closing function on November 19th when the action happens!????????

The last experience of KS by Blake at a gallery auction was mysterious semaphore twixt he and a mate to hide the true bidder personaly observed .... from a Gallery board member no less??

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

Were the other Councillors all at the Awards presentation for the Tropical Innovation Awards? The real question is why he would feel the need to distance himself from what the rest of Council is up to?!

Bryan Outlaw said...

Bryan Law fancies himself an "intellectual". He's actually got the intellect of a brick, and is known primarily for his running away from the police at the Yacht Club protest.

Jail is your future, Bryan. Let used to it.

Colin Riddell said...

Maybe it was the reverse ms dall,osto ?

Unknown said...

John Downer said...
"... who publicly admitted on this blog that he used to sell fake Thai sticks
"I said no such thing..."

Mon Sep 27, 03:27:00 PM
Schapelle Corby is innocent (aka as No Blake Lover, John Downer, Rikk)
. said...

 "In the 70's we used to take Australian grass, spread it out over a bamboo stick and call it Thai Sticks."

John Downer said...

"In the 70's we used to take Australian grass, spread it out over a bamboo stick and call it Thai Sticks."

CALL it, yellow streak, not SELL it .... we used to pretend to our mates that we had Thai Sticks ... you need an English lesson from Kevin Bloody Morgan!

Maybe you can explain YOUR comment before you get all self-righteous with me ... "I have a feeling we might know each other. Those fake Thai stick in the 70's...mmmm....."

John Downer said...

Tell me "Nick", are you Israeli?

The way you keep your vitriol going reminds me of Israeli politicians.

Were you in the Israeli military, shooting stone throwing kids?

Unknown said...

Not an Israeli ,"Johny" boy. Never been near the place. Are you sure you did not mean to say "Jew" ? That sort of invective would suit your overall profile. And my "vitriol" is merely in response to your mild-mannered musings.

An ex drug dealer with racial prejudices. This gets better by the day...

And what's the obsession with "yellow streaks" ? One of your gay fantasies ? Please give it away and stop humiliating yourself publicly.

John Downer said...

What's this obsession with Jews, yellow streak?

Did one frighten you when you were a kid?

Did it hurt?

And why do you refuse to answer my question about your drug habits?

Are you ashamed?

Then you accuse me of being a drug dealer again .... you are Israeli, I can tell.

Well at least your off-topic vitriol takes the heat off Saint Bryan, you're good at that.

Unknown said...

"No your honour, I am not a drug dealer. I just made some fake Thai sticks to impress my mates !!!"

Hahaha, you probably didn't inhale either ?

You're sure you're not the one who accidently put the dope in Schapelle's luggage, ex-drug dealer ?

John Downer said...

So you're a Jew, I thought so.

Is your real name Nickanyahu?

Do you want to tell us about that nasty old Jew who took your cherry?

Do you console yourself with fake Thai sticks?

Is it better when you're stoned?

Does it take away the pain?

Is the reason you don't want to talk about it because you feel guilty that you enjoyed it?

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Well spoken Bryan!
But then, out come the losers such as "Downer", what a joke!
This queer person has just proven that he/she cannot even read Fiction correctly.
Nowhere have I witnessed any form of comparison to yourself and Jesus or Ghandi, and I too, have used these famous sayings as a guide for certain aspects of my life, and even on the stage.
You are also correct Bryan, as there are many Blakey supporters out there, who openly attack you, MM and others on this very blog, but who also wear two hats, to go with their gutless fictitious names.
They also cannot read nor write, and cheated on their final exams, and they also hide behind their computers all day, basically because they are lazy and their lives are very sad and empty.
These people have also NEVER done one iota for their community, but thrive on pulling it apart by going on blogs such as these to denounce people they don't even know.
When the banks change over to their NEW Quantum-contract formats in two years, people such as these will be left in a quandary as to what to do, simply because they cannot escape the many fiction languages which run their lives.
Hopefully, they will all knock themselves off and do everyone a huge favour, including themselves, by not having to injure their tiny brains trying to read that which they cannot write correctly.

John Downer said...

I give in Nickenyahu, you win, that $20 donation has obviously given you immunity from disregarding the rules, and no-one is allowed to argue with you.

I hope MM, for his own sake, is declaring every cent of these donations for tax purposes, I will be making several small anonymous donations myself, and logging them.

The ATO has been give his name, and told to watch out, also Centrelink.

MM made a bad enemy when he decided to fuck with me.

Colin Riddell said...

Heck Alan
You have some nice defenders/friends , bullying tactics seem to be the norm now.
Maybe mr/mrs/miss/master not yet decided John Downer should refrain from making threats like the last line .
As you may find MM has friends that you might not like to f**k with.

Unknown said...

"John Downer said...
As I said, I can be a nasty vindictive bastard"

That has been evident from the word go. Not only that, you have got a nasty racist streak as well. You can convince yourself in your tiny mind that I am Israeli or whatever. I don't really care "cause I am not. You obviously hate Israelis and backpackers and a lot of other things. That says a lot about the type of hate-filled person you are.

Apart from "No Jobs for Backpackers", "No Blake Lover", "Schapelle Corby is Innocent" and "John Downer", what other names do you post under ? "Brian Outlaw", "CD Warrior " ?

I think with your attitude Schapelle Corby will be free soon. The Indonesians must be shaking in their boots ! They'd definitely be convinced by an ex drug dealer with a big mouth and a bad attitude !

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

John Downer, if that's your correct name, you have NO idea what the word vindictive stands for, so stop trying to big note yourself as a town bully!
Better off leaving that to the professionals, such as developers and councillors and State police.
Try crossing swords with members of my Law Club, and we'll truly show you what VINDICTIVE means.
We don't fuck about either pal, and the sooner you find out how and why, and get off your high horse, you may come to realise you're a nobody with a pseudonym for a name.
The Federal Police may be very interested in your antics of late, so I wouldn't be running off with that loose-minded-mouth of yours if I was you, as there may just be a nasty surprise around the corner.

Unknown said...


The person calling himself ""No Jobs for Backpackers", "No Blake Lover", "Schapelle Corby is Innocent" and "John Downer" and making all sort of nasty threats on this blogs is in fact called Rikk Altree.

Michael P Moore said...

Thanks for that Nick. It seems that "Rikk Altree" questioned Paul Freebody about his proposed waterpark location on CairnsBlog a year ago.

Rikk said: "The man is an arsehole, have any of... you read or heard the remarks he made about the female councillors?The water park should be constructed in Edmonton or Gordonvale, not where dickhead wants to put it."

Paul replied saying... " Just for the record if my memory serves me correctly Rikk Altree was sacked for stealing from our business! Hence his rude comments on this site."

Unknown said...

How fitting;

A drug dealer, a bully, a racist and a thief all in one !

He signed one of his posts about the "Schapelle Corby is Innocent" FaceBook site with RIKK, so it didn't take MOSSAD to track him down.

His FaceBook picture shows a tattooed shoulder, so he probably fancies himself as some sort of tough guy...

Bet you the real John Downer will be thrilled that this moron is using his name.