Wednesday 2 July 2008

Middle, aisle please

Where ya gunna sit?

That's the question that most nervous flyers ask.

The Australian reports that a study of 105 accidents and accounts from 2000 survivors of how they managed to escape from crash-landings and on board fires.

London's Greenwich University found the seats with the best survival rate were, wait for it, in the emergency exit row and the row in front or behind it.

If you sit in the front of the aircraft, you'll have a 65% chance of escaping a fire. In the rear , it's 53%. Sitting in the aisle is 64% chance. They found that seats more than six rows from an exit are the worst.

There's also an increasing trend like Virgin Blue to charge passengers extra for exit seats.

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Anonymous said...

Remember all the crap some time back about charging fat people more for seats? Notice how no-one stood up and roared "The seats are too bloody narrow, too bloody cramped and downright bloody dangerous. No wonder so many people are all killed in accidents!"