Tuesday 8 July 2008

Cardinal Pell misled sex abuse victim

It's Hollowingworth all over again.

Stunning revelations revealed on ABC 1's Lateline last night.

On a day when we learn that there were 6,500 child sex abuse cases filed in Queensland in the two years to June 2007, and just days before the Catholic church prepares for the Pope's visit at World Youth Day celebrations in Sydney, the ABC has revealed that Catholic Cardinal George Pell dismissed sexual abuse allegations.

Pell wrote in 2003 to Anthony Jones, who was abused by Sydney Catholic priest Father Terrance Goodall, telling him there were no other complaints against the priest.

"After examining all of the material, the allegations of inappropriate behaviour against you cannot be substantiated. No other complaint of attempted sexual assault has been received against Father Goodall, and he categorically denies the accusation."

However, the ABC revealed last night that Cardinal Pell knew there was at least another victim, a young altar boy, and wrote to him on the same day.

"I was so traumatised and hurt by what happened," Anthony Jones said. He described in graphic detail, the sexual acts that the Sydney priest committed.

"Cardinal Pell has destroyed my faith and damaged my life."

The Cardinal ignored a report from his own church investigators recommending that the victim's allegation be upheld. George Pell's legal team advised the ABC to not screen or release the documents.

Just three months after he sent the denial letter, Pell was addressing an audience in Virginia, USA where he said that human nature is always weak. "I do believe that the problem has been worsened considerably because of the moral confusion in society: the weakening of the faith, the absence of clear moral lines," he said.
"As you know most of the abuse, at least in the English speaking world, that is most of the clerical abuse, is not in the strictest terms pedophilia, but what's called ephebophilia, and that is with young fellows as adolescents after puberty. What is significantly different, which you would also probably be aware, is that 80% of the abuse is with young boys. So I mean it's obviously connected with the problem of homosexuality."

"There's a very organised push to entice people into the world of active homosexuality," Pell said.

Typical. The church blames sexual abuse on sexuality, instead of looking at the real problem: Pedophilia - the abuse of young people in the care of adults.  All to do with 'active homosexuality' as the corrupt Cardinal calls it.

Many are anticipating that during the Pope's visit to Australia next week, he will apologise for the Australian church's role in sexual abuse.

The Catholic Church needs this latest drama right now like a choir boy getting sucked off in the sacristy. Blow me.


Anonymous said...

And yet people continue to place misguided faith in the stupidity of religion.

Anonymous said...

Pell's eye blink rate in his ABC interview on 7:30 Report of 9 July 2008 was "interesting"!