Wednesday 7 April 2010

CairnsBlog has damaged my personal life: Councillor Blake

With just under two years before Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake looses his plum Council job, taking home $100,000+ for attending gallery openings, lattes at Perottas, and replacing former Mayor Kevin Byrne as the resident bully, he's exposed his dodgy allegiances yet again.

"That blog is damaging my personal life," Alan Blake told WIN TV news reporter Jenna Hudson today. "I'm at breaking point. I'm fed up with claims and accusations."

Evidently yesterday's story must have caused him to choke on his cornflakes. When's he going to learn that he will be talked about and publicly ridiculed, so long as he allows people to push his buttons when we hold up to scrutiny his behaviour as an elected politician.

Of course the WIN TV story isn't nothing to do with former Council employee Tracie Sanim whom put in a limp complaint: it's all about Councillor Alan Blake.

It's laughable to hear Blake suggest that public discussion and expose about his antics are causing him strife. Last year he twice contacted my employer and made up a series fraudulent claims which I disclosed in a piece How to spot a pathological liar. He and his few remaining mates, have attempted to defame and discredit myself, in laudable community pursuits that I contribute to. Early last month Blake's mob tried to discredit me by contacting Cairns Police sergeant Glenn Wallwork, suggesting I don't have a Blue Card.

It's clear Blake is a b-grade bully and as dirty as a fruit bat on heat. He knows he's vulnerable and worried that such public discussion about his continued narcissistic behaviour, exposes him for all to see.

In May last year at the height, or the depth, of the appalling radio pay for speaking deal that lead to the demise of CEO Noel Briggs and communications manager and leaky sieve Kerie Hull, I transcribed a telephone conversation I had with Blake. His own words embarrassed him. It was the last conversation we ever had together. I treasure that moment dearly. I've a framed version hanging in my office for keepsake.

Blake cried wolf after I published his errs, he sent off a legal threat saying that the conversation I had with him was private. No it wasn't Alan! If you haven't read it or want a repeat of a good belly-laugh, suggest you click back in time and read The violinist on the Titanic. I especially should point readers to Blake's response when I questioned him about Hull, who was asked to leave the office that morning. "I'd leave her out of anything you write about me, because I tell you what. What a fantastic worker that girl is," Councillor Alan Blake said. Doh!

So on May 22nd last year he dished out $2000 to Williams Graham Carmen in a poorly prepared attack that was quickly filed in my Blog rubbish bin. I didn't even write back to his big fat lawyers, but posted a public response that day, pointing out how stupid his complaint was. My final posting on that was Blake's antics regarding his love affair with his Council Blackberry, The art of discreet txting.

Even former Mulgrave Shire Councillor Ross Parisi wrote about the questionable behaviour of Blake in his Ethics and conduct of a Councillor story.

Blake is also terribly upset after it was exposed on CairnsBlog that he was using his Council-funded mobile for a private business, the CEO launched an investigation.

I giggled somewhat when WIN TV interviewed Blake's invented Council leak this evening, Councillor Di Forsyth, who publicly admitted to knowing me. Shock, horror! I've had dialogue with Di a lot over the last few months, as she and her colleague, Cr Linda Cooper, been exposing the corruption at Cairns Community Radio. Both Linda and Di are strong advocates for social media and CairnsBlog. I've engaged with almost every Councillor, even Sno Bonneau, whom I helped connect with some dodgy contributor on the Blog professing to be a stooge. Sno was remarkably polite, but I've been to the Port Douglas Rainforest Habitat and I know what chameleons are like.

We're often judged on the friends we keep or associate with. I hope Tracie can work that out before too long, that Councillor Blake has always had a problem with the separation of power. CEO Lyn Russell has not responded to Tracie's complaint, after all she is no longer a Council employee, and the complaint is weaker than an old MX5 fueled by pink Chardy from a gallery opening. I'm sure Lyn has more important things to deal with.

Forgive the dodgy recording that a faithful Blog reader in Alan's division just forwarded me, however the poor quality kind of suits this b-grade story about one of Blake's entourage and loyal lapdogs.

PS: Did you know that Alan Blake is officially our laziest Councilor?
PPS: Thanks to WIN TV and Cr Blake for the extra 2,622 visits this evening to read all about it.

UPDATE: uploaded better quality video.


Scott Andrews said...

As I always said .... you're a celebrity ! Michael Moore for Mayor ?

Paul Taylor, Maryborough said...

you being naughty again Michael?

Carl Butcher said...

Just saw the WIN News segment. I dunno what the fuss is about?

Southside Cam said...

Bodyguard for hire ,...

Andrew Neaves said...

congrats on the publicity mate......
ice cream makes the world better, let me know if i can help!

Conan Doyle said...

Holmes: Well Cairnsblog and Mr Blake have certainly made a comeback Watson? What do you think?

Watson: Ho, ho, ho Holmes! What pricked my interest, so to speak, was that first comment from the pseudonymous Pillow Talk that the Blake Snake was actually less than impressive!

Holmes: Yes Watson, an entire polity may have been erected on the myth of the Blake Snake! So what to conclude if it is indeed a myth?

Watson: I still have stillettos, garter belt, crotchless knickers and blonde wig from the last meeting of the London cross-dressers society Holmes. Should I go undercover?

Holmes: Go under anything Watson and get to Cairns for the information we need. The life of Cairns depends on it!

Jenelle Dillon said...


Martin of Edmonton said...

Guilty conscious I reckon. Your the best shit stirrer I know

Elgrego the Magician said...

Love it. When with Snakey Blake realise to stop a fire you stop feeding it with petrol.

It's rule 101.

(however, you really shouldn't pick on his girls!!)

Tracey Samon, knee MacFearson said...

I was once a PA, I might sue you, you dirty blogger. Mr Blake is a nice loblee man and did nothing but good for his years of loyal service to cairns that you're tring to discredit

sigmund the couch potato said...

Histrionic personality disorder or AB syndrome is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and inappropriate seductiveness, usually beginning in early adulthood.

These individuals are lively, dramatic, enthusiastic, and flirtatious.

They may be inappropriately sexually provocative, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and be easily influenced by others.

Associated features may include egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, feelings that are easily hurt, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.

3rd Floor Mole (not a PA) said...

I see they used a clip at teh very beginning of the WIN TV story about when Councillor Di backed changes to the Committee chair rotations after Mike on Cairnsblog claimed that Blake was DUMPED as Finance Chair...

I guess they were trying to show you that Forsyth was connected to discrediting Blake.

As if he needs any help. He's doing fine all by himself.

Two Steps Ahead said...

Somehow I think mr boofhead will have a long, restless night tonite
What a total moron for provoking this in the first place, a game that he can only lose in the end
He has little if any public sympathy and again, he is playing the bully boy

Big Sis in Sydney said...

Where is Alan's fan club?

colin riddell said...

I too am going to sue you because you are to much like me, you are a deadly little snake !
If you prod us look out !
Keep up the good work mike.

Thornton On Spence said...

Oh dear Alan you sad old man. You never took my advice about ignoring it like any professional Pollie would do and instead fuelled the fire. There are now a whole lot of new readers who were not aware of the Blog but are now. They are probably your electorate. I laugh about you all the time especially as it was only a short time ago you shook my hand with much enthusiasm talking about all the new ideas you had and yet you don't know how much we all despise you and wish you would disappear from the Liberal Party.

One of your bloggers is so right it is his girls that has prompted this foolish strategy but at the end of the day it is Blake and nothing but Blake that counts. Mike I would also like to put straight the info you gave out on the Gold BMW this was his Bimbo of many years Car who caused his divorce from the long suffering Jan. This Bimbo eventually saw through Blakey and left him coincidentally 2 years after co-habiting but obviously left him the cheap gift he made her. The man has no pride or maybe no money after being cleaned up twice. I hope Ms Hull can make some money out of him and as for Ms Sanin she definitely has not realised how manipulated she has been.

Next time you shake hands with me again which will be shortly that smile you see is not friendly but rather a smile of complete ridicule and to think you helped me out a while ago.

Chow Chow said...

I wonder just how long it will take the Cairns Regional Gallery board to realise what we all know, that fellow board member Blake is just a community embarrassment, a vacuous fast talker who will contribute nothing materially to development of the gallery.
No Alan, sorry to break the bad news but merely drinking latte with a tired old artist has-been at 21, collecting lots of art books, filling your apartment with cheap copy bronzes from Asia and hanging a few raucous works by a no-name local artist won't turn you into an artist yourself. You need TALENT.

And hanging around at the openings like a bad smell, chatting up the old dears won't turn the frog into a prince. A toad is a toad is a toad and a talentless one at that.

Get rid of this albatross before he brings to the Gallery what he has brought to the council, the kind of publicity that they neither want nor deserve

I'm Chow Chow too said...

Position vacant: Female (married or not) with mothering instincts, available to be easily charmed by a narcissistic predator with boundary issues. You must be completely comfortable with liars and you need to be impressed by shallow stereotypical devices such as red sports cars, flashy apartments and trips to Sydney to see concerts. You must also be lacking in self esteem yourself and be able to totally suspend disbelief when you listen to the same self aggrandizing lies and bullshit over and over and over again.
Act now and the the first 100 applicants will qualify for a free brain transplant.

Thornton On Spence said...

Chow Chow you have really pushed all the hysteria buttons for this sad ageing failure of a man. He will react to your comments more so than any of the others because we can all see the truth in them and the reality of what he is....a complete talentless failure.

There has been some mention of him replacing KB as a Bully but unfortunately KB was an extremely accomplished Bully that only years of Military training can develop. A few years hiding in Big Dogs suit on Adelaide TV does not make a bully but rather a pathetic wimp which Blakey still is today.

One of Blake's girls, Susan Jones said...

Mike Moore: Loser.  What a vile, vicious, vindictive, insidious, despicable, despiteous, toxic low-life you are.  But you already know that.  And so do the people of Cairns. 
You are sad, sick and pathetic, to be pitied.
You have achieved nothing in your life, and never will, which is why you target those who are educated, successful, and popular.  
Let's hope Councillor Blake financially, emotionally, and physically cripples you through the Court system.  You deserve it.   
PS.  Haven't you heard of spell-check.  Also suggest you use a program that can address your appalling grammar.  And you call yourself a journalist!!!  LOL   

Susan Jones

Chow Chow said...

and the only thing sillier than Blake himself is someone who actually identifies themselves as 'one of his girls', albeit through a gutless, phony gmail account. OWN GOAL ALAN!

island girl said...

Hey, Mike, he/she's got something there - why not target those who really are 'educated, successful and popular' instead of Blake

eddie said...

snap! nice one Island girl.

something fishy about this jones woman anyway, no self-respecting woman would come forward to defend such a sleazy fucker.

my partner lasted barely a minute standing next to him at a recent gallery opening (she didn't have a clue who he was until i mentioned it afterwards), before moving away and commenting to me "eeeeew! who's that slimebag?"

Where The Bloody Hell Am I said...

Educated, successful and popular. Now these are words I would not associate with Blakey but I would not want to offend Susan Jones so will not put in the words most of us would associate him with.

Dick Limp

Smithfield Sam said...

The reality is that the overwhelming majority of voters in Cairns don't read this blog, and don't care about the chattering classes on the internet. Blake appeals to a wide range of people, and has managed to garner a solid in majority in three elections across two different divisions. If Blake sues for defamation, most will see it as justified even without knowing the details, because most "average" people realise the internet is an open sewer.

A few naysayers may get a cheap thrill thinking they're "sticking it to the man" here, but you're missing the big picture.

CBD Tarzan said...

A well made point. The comments here are subjective to Mike's and a minority point of view with congratulations to AB and his handmaidens for their support. Cairns has a big decision to make up until the next local election.
To Blake or not too Blake?
I'd wager a bet there is some position within the Indigenous lobby group headed by Noel Pearson for such a popular,intelligent,Gasp.....Business man like Alan Blake.
But I could be wrong.,:-}
And in this case the wronger the better.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Such interesting comments - & hey, let's remember this was initially an April Fool's joke. [Incidentally, Mayor Val had no problem with her 'book launch' last April (2009)].

Is this situation re the Blake/Samin cabal truly a case of where there's smoke . . . . ??

If Ms. Samin was so concerned for her reputation, then why did she not just talk to Mike Moore to clarify the situation, or post her own situation on the Blog? A member of the public blogged as PA to the Planning Department, is all. Why this beat-up?

Interesting that almost the only post supporting Blake has been from Susan Jones, which was a tad full of rant & rave & nastiness. No content, lots of spleen. If you wanted to support Blake, Ms Jones, you have done the opposite by your rant.

What is this common trend with primitive Australia - when you want to disagree with a person's opinion, you simply attempt to denigrate the person & not address the issue. Something to think about as a national trend.

Lastly, I leave you all with this thought, from today's Google's 'Quotes of the Day'. It seems apt, somehow:

"Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain."
Friedrich von Schiller

I guess us humans need people like Mike.

KFC said...

How do you enrol for these chattering classes? TAFE?
If only we had some alternative media in town apart from Cairns Blog (and big ups to Mike) but I believe there is a community radio station trying hard to justify its existence at the moment. You know,just a thought.

Conan Doyle said...

*ring* *ring*

Watson: Hello Holmes! I'm sitting here on the Cairns Esplanade at a place called Villa Romana in my finest drag disguise.

Holmes: Ah, yes Watson an establishment renowned for it's inhabitation by rats and snakes! Any sign of our snake there Watson?

Watson: No Holmes not yet but what an extraordinary clique of characters! There is an ex- Mayor who dribbles red wine and slobbers tagliatelle over his garish tie while ranting into a phone and berating the ants on the footpath for failing to build new apartment towers and causing the collapse of developers!

Holmes: Is this the ex-mayor of Porpoise Spit Watson?

Watson: No Holmes seriously it is an ex-mayor of Cairns! Not only that Holmes! Other denizens include some sort of self delusional Italian godfather with local nightclub interests, a religious gentleman with a watersprts fetish in parks, some oddity with a mullet who apprently runs at any election without chance, and an appalling slob with the worst wig you have ever seen who says he is in media and insists on running his hand up my voluptuously waxed thigh!

Holmes: You must do all you can to maintain your secret undercover identity Watson!

Watson: Christ Holmes i've only been here a day at Villa Romana and already my expensive corset is stained my fishnet stockings ripped and i just cant keep that damned media man away from my obvious allures much longer!

Holmes: But Watson ... what of our man the blakey snake?

Watson: Holmes, the town is just one cesspit of snakes!

Unknown said...

Blake is on the front page of the ComPost today, nr. 2 from the left or maybe nr. 3 ?

Where The Bloody Hell Am I said...

Very well done Conan Doyle. I think I have seen those same characters at that very same establishment although I hear the Wigged Media Man prefers Asian "women" and the ex-mayor and the wigged one have fallen out big time and no speak anymore.
Perhaps you could look into these hearsays and confirm it through your man on the spot.

nocturnal congress said...

I've pricked up my ears big time here mate. What'd ya say? "Where the bloody hell...". McKenzie and Byrne have fallen out?? Hey? Come again? Tell us more mate....sheeeesh...

Thaddeus said...

Yes, indeed...what is this about "the ex Mayor and the wigged one falling out big time and no speak any more....."? Do tell us more....

ozgurugirl said...

Blake - getover it!

tired of this prick said...

Blake brings a whole new meaning to the word 'scumbag'

the very sage said...

“Part of me suspects that I'm a loser, and the other part of me thinks I'm God Almighty”
John Lennon