Thursday 29 April 2010

Jim Turnour: "I want a table sometime, hold the kitchen open."

Our Federal Leichhardt MP Jim Turnour has been up and back to Weipa on Western Cape York peninsula in the last couple of days, and a bite to eat.
Yesterday he twittered: "back from Weipa good meeting to discuss indigenous boarding school for Western Cape."
Only around 3,000 live in this remote indigenous town, which was jam-packed with pollies - all hunting for available babies to kiss for photo opps to say 'I was here'. Even Leichhardt LNP hopeful Warren Entsch was spotted, holding hands with party leader and Surfers Paradise dentist John-Paul Langbroek. John-Paul (or JP as they call him to save an embarrassing spelling error) needs to convince the Cape's residents that he loves them a lot more than the big fat South East where he resides.
"What's with all the shiny shoes in town?" the locals said, a common country saying when some suits are visiting from the big smoke.
Arrh, you can smell an election is in the air.
Jim had an entourage the size of a petrol-sniffing coroberee, all lined-up handing him prepared press statements. However, an interesting thing happened while he was in Weipa the other night.
As there's not that many places to dine out in the rough-edged old town, some CairnsBlog spies working at the Heritage Resort said they couldn't believe what happened when the Federal MP was booked in for a meal with his party.
"It was around 7:45pm and an agitated waiter told everyone that they couldn't sit at that particular table," a local worker told CairnsBlog. "That table has been reserved. Please don't sit there," we were told.

A rumour quickly went around the bar and restaurant why one particular table was been kept all pristine and waiting. "We've got to look after it for the Honorable!" a staffer said.
However, Jim and his party didn't turn up until around 10:18pm. By this time the Heritage restaurant was empty, and would normally have closed.
"Staff were kept back and the kitchen had to remain open, they were there till after 11pm, serving Mr Turnour and his party - because they didn't have the decency to organise something earlier before they went to a meeting," the staffer told CairnsBlog. "They could have got some sandwiches organised, but instead they had the whole restaurant left open - they had the cooking staff there, it was so inconsiderate."

Even though the Heritage restaurant was booked for around 7pm, Mr Turnour was seen at the nearby Albatross Hotel at just before 10pm, where he was staying.
"This was so inconsiderate. To treat these locals and this business like this - to keep their kitchen open and all these staff back for one table, at that hour of the night, when his party could have made other arrangements," the staffer said.
In the late hours of Tuesday night, Mr Turnour enjoyed full table service, along with a number in his party, including his wife Tiffany, who often travels with the Honorable one.
Nice for some. Honourable? I'm not too sure.


Smithfield Sam said...

So Jim's minder is his wife, Tiffany? So who's home changing the baby's nappies? At least she's on the road with him, changing his.

tuity fruity said...

Unbloody believable this could not be the same two faced pollie on seven news last night moaning about warren inch using an entitlement he is entitled to use.
The same as this dick head will enjoy when he gets the arse this year, that if "working families" "core" dudd is game to call an election after friggin up the whole economy.
Did his wife pay her own fare?
Did he leave a tip?
Did he apologies to the owner?
Did he reimburse the restaurant for the overtime they had to pay the staff?
Did he eat normal shit we eat or did he order up big on the taxpayer?
Did he say anything up there about anything that he was not told to say beforehand?
Last but not least did the dickhead come back?