Monday 26 April 2010

How to massacre a headline

A picture says a thousands words, but not this one.

Talk about over-hyped tabloid churnalism.

The killing - deliberate or otherwise, of three dugongs, is not a "massacre."

What happens when there's a killing of 100 dugongs and some more turtles as CairnsBlog showed recently? Is this then a bigger massacre? A huge massacre? A medium-sized massacre?
  • Noun
    The intentional killing of a considerable number of human beings, under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty, or contrary to the usages of civilized people.
    Mass murder
    More than three dugongs, probably 50 or more


Jan from Kewarra said...

Yes, I read that headline and then the story, and saw more than red when I realised that no massacre was actually involved.

That head line was just so wrong in so many ways!

Another piece of sensationalism and inaccurate reporting by Compost!

colin riddell said...

I am no rocket scientist but last weekend a raid by gbrma and they sieze two nets and report NO DUGONGS were harmed , now you have to ask ? did they get all the nets set to trap dugongs , or did this just have been a coincidence that this is very very very close by tide to where the raid took place ,compost?

Grona said...

Hey come on Mike. This was your headline recently. "Cairns turtle and dugong activist campaigns against slaughter caught on video". Whilst unpleasant to see the flippers being cut while the turtle was still alive, this was in no way a slaughter. It was one turtle.

I'm afraid you've been found out mate. Pots and kettles I'm afraid. Slaughter and massacre are both sensationalist churnalism and should be avoided in such cases.

Still credit to the Compost for once for raising awareness by putting a story about dugong on its front page.

Concerned Cairnsite said...

A while back, I witnessed some people buying a pile of similar looking black mesh net from the council buy back shop at Portsmith, and suspected then that it would be used to entrap some sort of local wildlife. The mesh size was far too big to target fish effectively. I just hope that these nets are not being used to supply the local[and widely known about] black market in dugong and turtle meat.

colin riddell said...

True it was good to see dugongs on the front page
It was sad to see mumbles bumble out a heap of crap on seven news though , when will he get the balls to say the truth .
Mike was correct in my story sorry
B is correct.

Slaugh·tered, slaugh·ter·ing, slaugh·ters
1. To kill (animals) especially for food; butcher.
A. To kill (people) in large numbers; massacre.
B. To kill in a violent or brutal manner

JudeJohnston said...

Slaughter - to kill an animal or animals for meat. It was an appropriate use of the word Grona.

Jan from Kewarra said...

re Grona's comments

One guess who Grona works for?

No doubt the brains behind the headline "Massacre".

Margaret Cochrane's big fat toe said...

Which is right? Which is wrong?

I'm going to slaughter the Cairns Post editor!!!!

I'm going to massacre the Cairns Post editor!!!!

Pregnant Mum Snake Terror said...

I've just lodged a complaint with Police about the death threat from Margaret Cochrane's Big Fat Toe.

When you put it together with the recent threat against Jason O'Brien, and the Wilderness Society, it's just intolerable.

Grona said...

Thanks MC's big fat toe - point being that 'massacre' and 'slaughter' in both cases were written to evoke maximum emoting from the reader. You're quite right Jan, I am the editor of the Cairns Post and don't deny that 'massacre' helps sell newspapers. I just don't want you guys to deny that 'slaughter' in the turtle instance has exactly the same emotional connotation irrespective of its various dictionary definitions which include a synonym for 'massacre'.

Yours in carnage

Rups right hand man

colin riddell said...

Trying to work out why labor morons spin crap in the media , delsey boyle thinks dugong net floated from indonesia ,rather than believe it floated 4klm from yarrabah.VOTE SUCK UP IF EVER I heard it.

Smithfield Sam said...

Not much different than all the exggerations here.

the reel cairn's post editor said...

that grona use's way too many big word's to be the editor of your daily organ.

disgusted, the reel editor

colin riddell said...

Text message in the compost today says ,Colin riddell the net was not from the ones set off yarrabah , or something like that as I DON,T BUY THAT JOKE OF A PAPER.
Thanks for telling me that now , I AGREE WITH DESLEY "I WILL SPEAK FOR THE OTHER 3 JOKERS BOYLE" that it floated hundreds of klm from Asia , and did not pick up any fish other than the 4 dugongs , hit any propeller , snag any coral , rather than believe it floated 4 to 5klm in 5 days since gbrma siezed two dugong nets in the Saturday befores raid .
I now also believe Jim mumbles turnour can speak without a hand up his klacker from canberra.